Sunday, May 6, 2007

Neha Sasikumar Nair - The original version

Hey guys! well to begin with..I am Neha Sasikumar Nair. I am living in of the GCC countries.Since I am jus done wid my school life.. I have been spending more time on music. My connection with music began from the age of 4. My dad is an ardent fan of carnatic music...and since in his childhood he could not learn it he made it a point to teach his daughters. My elder sister is a software engineer in Infosys. So ... there began my journey .. Initially I learnt music and dance... because I loved performing ..I won a lot of competition..lost few..all a part of gaining confidence while performing.. and learning from one's mistakes.. then in 9th..I reached a point where I felt I must concentrate on either dance or music.. because doing both were time consuming .. besides I did not want to become a jack of all trades and master of none..! So there my musical journey began ... it was only music n music... infact in my 10th I had decided I would pursue my career in music..

I began with carnatic music.. my first guru being ..Mrs. Prabha..she taught me for one year .She then left for good .. but the guru who made a difference in my life is Shri. Ramesh Narayan..he groomed me so welll in classical and light music. In 11th ..I felt a need of learning more of ghazals.. and other styles... hence took up Hindustani classes too... and my guru in that is Ustad Khalid Anwar Jaan..a Pakistani . Both these styles have helped me in becoming versatile.. and maybe thats why I get to do a variety of shows.. everywhere.

My dad... he is my biggest motivator... if it wasnt for him ..I wouldnt be able to make one of the most important decisions in my life... well as of now... I am panning to do my bachelors in music... and have high dreams of making it big in the world of playback and classical.