Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We need to kill it first within us ...

Strikes in a way is some kind of a terrorism I believe. Whatever maybe the situation it's consequences are only looked up to achieving the purpose. The whole fun part of studying in India is to experience strikes and have exams cancelled due to them. In fact even today being a final year student my whole class waits for the long bell to just get rid of the lectures. Yes! it's fun . But not all the time. At some point all of us want to study and complete our portions to get a decent 70 % .

It was appalling to read headlines everyday regarding the strikes being held by pilots of reputed airlines. Some must have missed their loved ones, some their most important meeting in their career, some a vacation to free themselves of all the mess happening around and for some a flight could mean another side of lifetime. But little do we think of what's going to happen on the other side rather than being jealous of it. I don't think strike is anyway to achieve any of our 'wants'. Some people are way more greedy to be wanting more than to be satisfied with what they 'need'. I also agree that at some cases some of them don't even get their 'needs' and ask for them. But there is no point in getting them by avoiding your duties. I have always noticed that everyone talks big when it comes to their rights and their requirements being an Indian citizen. But what many of us tend to forget is our duties. Only when we exercise our duties can we legitimately extend our hands towards our rights. I have many a times realized it myself when I ask for something without even performing my duties. We have a little terrorist inside us and we need to kill that first to take anti terrorist acts against the others. We talk of equality and peace by eliminating terrorism and bias. But we ourselves have ignited the flame and now it's going to take a while to extinguish it.

I was just having a small conversation with one of my lawyer friends who supposedly fights cases where her client is the rightly accused one. When I asked her if she takes the help of lies she denied . One wonders how they are successful in winning such a case. When the masters of law fiddle with the law then there is no point in preaching about following the 'right path'. It's been a world with man made rules and with it's distortion we are never going to grow as a planet, a nation and most importantly as a human being. What goes around comes around. This boomerang theory always works so think before you take each step. Being selfish for your needs is not a crime provided your surrounding is not affected by your decision. The time to realize all this was suppose to happen ages ago but it's never too late and maybe now we should stand up and serve for the purpose of humanity.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009


which was telecasted in Rosebowl Channel on September 3rd have given me some really negative reviews. Lot of people called me after the telecast to tell me how hilarious it was but at the same time there were people who thought it completely threw of the image of some of the anchors. I wanted to write on this earlier but thought of it as a fun show but now after receiving some shrewd comments I decided to write on this though I am late by a week.

Firstly, this whole 'prankster on the prowl' was not planned! None of us would wantingly throw our dignity to raise the TRP of the channel. None of us need that. Each and every anchor is extremely professional when it comes to their work and we don't need any sort of short term publicity stunts to raise the TRP of our respective shows. So those of you who think it's planned I think I have cleared your doubt. Secondly, I do not know about the rest but I didn't feel good about it . I was absolutely helpless at that point. I don't have the rights to speak about the other gags as I was not present there while those were being taken. I can only speak to you about the gag played on me. I was told that Sudipto (Prankster) was a percussionist who has worked with A.R.Rahman and Himesh Reshammiya. I was also asked to hold a small interactive session with him asking about his experience and his future works. And apparently he was also asked to interact with me so that I can sing few songs and speak about my show, Nine at Night. Once the cameras were rolling he obviously started to speak about fake things to trap me. Now, some of the spectators had a problem with me not responding back and disagreed with me agreeing to all the nonsense spoken by Sudipto. Just look at it from a different angle. I am actually interacting with a percussionist from ARRs den so I need to give him the respect he deserves even if it's utter crap that he is speaking on National TV. In fact many of the celebrity guests in my show speak a lot of things that could work against their image. But since everything is cut off in the editing room you guys never get to watch it uncensored. When the gag was being played all I could think was that I am suppose to diplomatically handle this making sure I do not hurt Sudipto's feelings. So naturally I had to oblige to everything he had to say be it Kumar Sanu raag or Kutra raag or ramdev raag . I don't think I would appreciate any kind of rebelling in front of the camera on such a situation. It's also for the same reasons that I actually sang the different versions of Pardesi. I am a singer who is asked to use my creativity at various unprepared situations... and at that point I did feel that as a singer I proved my creativity even if a bunch of them had a ROFL. No regrets .. all was done to entertain each and everyone of you. But it would be nice if you could also think about the other side.

Once all of us got to know that it was a gag it was way too late to respond. But for that one person who commented against this , please, if you did'nt like it and if you think we lost our image then you may kindly switch the channel and watch something which probably matches your dignity levels. After all man and science have come up with a wonderful electronic invention - the remote. Thank you once again for all the good , bad and very bad reviews :D ... Keep watching Rosebowl and have a wonderful post-onam week.