Friday, October 12, 2007

I am aware,not a fool

Yes, I hate criticising the Government the citizens elect. But ignorance is bliss. So in my earlier post I had written about the hampered roads and unclean environment our Government seldom takes care of.
On weekdays I have to pick my cousin up from her school daily which is followed by a bumpy rocky road with distant puddles due to the on and off of the monsoon rains.So on a Monday morning being the beginning of a tiring week, I was preparing myself for the bumps. And abra ka bumps!! Was I hallucinating was sure about the absence of those bumps.Taking my ear phones of, I doubtfully looked outside the window and happened to notice that the roads were tarred!Now I have to acknowlegde the hardwork put in by the Goverment in getting this right. My half an hour journey from college to home has been reduced by fifteen minutes. Thanks to these tarred roads. The Government has done a commendable job.Most of us are critics and seldom realise or tend to ignore the advances made by the Govt. in improving our environment. Or maybe people are too bothered about Rani's discreet wedding or about celeb break ups!

What's with Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt being tried on a regular basis for something they did when I could not even read or write? This is purely being done to attract media attention. What's the purpose? Laws falls under limelight and the celebs run off by bail!Who is getting fooled? Media or the public? Is Salman the only person who hunted the Chinkara or is it that there are others who did it but missed the limelight? I would rather be interested on testifying the Jessica Lal case where Manu is CtrlBstill flying around as a free bird despite public support against him and honest report on the vision witnessed by Jessica's friend.Politics or lack of celeb value?