Monday, July 30, 2007

The truth behind Reality in reel world needs to be revealed

Hey ... I guess most of you are daily viewers of reality shows... (would not like to be precise about the names)...I am sure more than half of you will be voting for your favourite singer through the sms system ! Well more than showcasing talents... it's like a profit making business for mobile companies :) !!

I wonder how many of you actually sms on the basis of talent .. I can guarantee most of you sms sympathetically .. or because the person performing is your 'bestest' friend... or because you are obliged to that person .. or because you think he/she can do wonders with their smile!... But how many of you actually vote for the performer because he/she performs good?? And where do the winners of these shows disappear? any clue?? they release albums... do a lot of shows... but then after a year or two where are they ?PONDER

Do you think sms is the best way through which we can choose our singers ?.. Why don't we leave that job to the professionals... just a suggestion....:) And i think it's better watching Ekta Kapoor's 'K' series than watch the cat fights between various panels..besides... is it necessary for today's singers to dance along with their singing... When it's so hard to sing and create an impression ... you ask us to dance along !!... what more could we ask for .. :-)

P.S. I am not criticising any particular channel or T.V. show .. was generally voicing my opinion

Friday, July 27, 2007