Sunday, August 31, 2008

Born in Kerala

The much talked about 'Born In Kerala' album done by Jakes Bejoy was inaugurated on the 23rd of August in Le Meridian, Cochin by Harris Jayaraj. The same the ,it's production house -TOT Music was also launched. I am happy that I could sing a song for the album ..and for more stuff go HERE.

To check their blog you can go HERE . To get a glimpse of their trailor just go HERE .

A lot of other singers like Madhubalakrishnan, Sayonara, the Idea star singer team, Franko and Stephan (Amrita superstar) also took part in the function and even performed.
The past two weeks have been one helluva time... recording and singing and recording and singing!! Some good audios your way..will be coming soon. When I sing one line where I feel I've given the best the MD will be like 'Cut' ! And it's just the best when he says a 'super' after recording maybe just a word. Each time I go behind the mic I feel like a total fool .Like as though I have never been trained and God knows why they chose me to sing. But it all evaporates the moment the MD gives you a thumbs up. And finally I have figured that recording is hard. Not all fun you see. Keep tuned for more yapping abt my bragging :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

I hate reptiles or insects. Actually the people have given two names for the species but honestly I find all of them the same and precisely ugly. I just hate the sight of a lizard or even a tiny bug that takes a stroll over my laptop keys. HATE THEM. I get so freaked..I know that it's not going to harm me but you never could poop on my lappy and that's one way to get me go bizzare. Oh...except one...alligator!!! I started finding it cute after the alpenliebe add :D But I still find them disgusting in animal planet :O..Heaven disguises itself in many forms like Chocolate Fantasy at Ccd....then the smell of the soil wet from rains, Tandoori Conizza from Pizza corner.... and the smell of Enchanteur..aaah!!! Once I had gone for a sleepover to my friend's place who is kinda rich! And her servant always makes us fancy ,traditional/ authentic cuisines. So usually instead of just ordering a Tuesday fever or a Big sunday we just wait for some real stuff. And that time she had served us authentic Chinese sizzler. It was yummy yum. All of us were absolutely drooling and we hardly show manners whilst eating food. The desert was just something!! They had got this 'machine-sort-of-thing' which pours out the liquid form of whatever hot item is put in. Not a juicer or a mixer. It was exclusively known as the Chocolate maker or something like that. Aunty had got loads of big chocolate bars and the juice was squeezed out of it . Now we thought we were suppose to lick them all like a hungry hooligan but it turned out to be something different!! We were given a large plate which contained of all sorts of fruits and we were given each a toothpick. We pricked a piece and put it right below the lavishly flowing hot melted chocolate and once the fruit was covered with hot liquid we pop it into our mouths (Like duh!!! I know!) Strawberrys were the best one to compliment the melted liquid. My ! that was seriously something awesome and the best version of heaven :D I'll go catch some Zzzzzzzzz.....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Working and studying have consumed a major portion of my life. Yups I am working!! For TOT Music..that is yet to launch. The launch is going to take place in Le Meridian ,Cochin on the 23rd of this month. Harris Jeyaraj will be launching Jakes Bejoy's 'Born in Kerala' . Jakes is known for 'Malayalee' and Coffee at M.G. Road. And already having listened to the songs of the album I can guarantee it's a 10/10. Promotional activities of TOT have already started and watch out for it. I am working for the creative section and hopefully we'll be having FM channels too. There was a write up on Born in Kerala in the Indian Express dated 13 August. This sounds like fun and soon we will be coming with a lot more albums and videos and hopefully movies which will be produced by TOT Visuals! The programmes on the launching day may have a range of singers performing including Subhiksha, Jakes, Sabarinath, Ranjith, me ,etc. Total fun! Blogging did take a back seat for a while but now I'll make sure that it is updated with everything going on in my life. STay TUned.....