Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hindustani Concert at the Soorya Festival in 'Jalsa Ghar'

A once in a lifetime opportunity they say. For me, it was just my mother's dream. I remember every time we walked into the Al Falej , where the Muscat chapter of Soorya Festival happens, my mother will always tell me about how she keeps dreaming of me performing one day in that stage. Well, eventually I did perform regularly there but as part of various other shows. I guess I was destined to be a part of the Kerala chapter. When Moorthy sir called me to be a part of a major event that was going to be choreographed by some of the best musicians and dancers I was way too excited. Unfortunately that never materialized for reasons I am still not sure about! But immediately after that event was over... Moorthy sir asked me if I am willing to perform for the Jalsa Ghar. It was too good to be true. Do you really have a lot of Moorthys walking around giving options to talented artists about what they want to perform? Well, Yeah!!! I was given an option of either doing a Ghazal sandhya or a Hindustani concert! November 19th 2010 is probably the date I've been repeating the most this year and funnily I didn't invite anyone!! Why? I was dead nervous and that actually ruined a little bit of my initial aalaps in Maru Bihag :) The only thing I missed was Moorthy sir's presence. He had to leave to Europe urgently and I couldn't get any positive one liners from him before the concert, which he usually does, that can weave magic on you and can also create an everlasting impression. I thank the whole Soorya family for making me feel at home and to my accompanying artists too. Retnasree was on the tabla who did a fab job and Nalin Moolji was on the harmonium. Sanitha was on the tanpura (special thanks to her) . Well, I guess my gurus blessings are always with me that help me get through with these opportunities in a painless manner. Last but not the least... A big hug to the audience who cared to criticize and appreciate me after the show.