Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yesterday night I got a call from my friend. He asked me if I had read the newspaper. On receiving a no he said there was a small piece written about an accident that had taken place yesterday morning. The guys who died were his close classmates. He had even been to the mortuary only to be horrified at seeing those distorted faces.The two guys had got drunk and were having fun driving at 1:30 in the morning. And as fate decides, they were hit by a truck.There were two more following them in a bike who also happened to witness the accident. The driver died on the spot..and the second guy died soon due to excessive brain damage. Both were bright students of the NIT ,Calicut.Infact one had even landed up with a placement which offered him Rs. 1000000 annually.I was at Ccd when I heard the news and that got me pretty upset. After paying the bill I got to witness another minor accident and then later on another one right at the junction. What made it worse was that the movie I went to watch after all this happened to commence with an accident scene. That kept me pondering for a while.Quite a messy day but it's high time that the youth should start realising the importance of how dangerous it is to drink and drive and driving whilst using the cell phone. So many posters, documentaries, awareness programmes have been done on this.But in vain.Nothing is precious than your life.Don't push yourself onto being a vegetable.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blah Blah!

And finally Jodha Akbar released! I've been waiting for the past million years for this.Amazing songs..especially Jashn Baharan.And don't forget that you got the first glimpse of the song in the audio blog world in Surmitr :)Well a lot of people assumed the song to be rendered by Naresh Iyer including me. But the credit goes to tan-ta-daaa .. Javed Ali.Infact my friend happened to message Naresh complimenting him for the song saying that this should be one of the best in his career so far.And he was only embarrassed to receive a reply which said that he was only happy to pass on the credits to Javed !Apparently there were rumors like the movie is jinxed cos of the late musical release and etc.

Anyways getting back to my world..Radio Jockeys are in fashion nowdays. Akashvani has still not lost it's charm but the cool get-your-ears-here-man attitude RJs are trust me so entertaining.Cos these jockeys aren't the how-are-you-and-what's-for-breakfast types. They are the AAHA..Gotcha types. With sooo many channels it's become pretty hard from me to stop switching the channels.World Space Radio topping the list.Radio is back with a bang! And I fancy working for the radio or rather as a jockey some day :)hoping you all will call then:D And another reason for the success is that these RJs are a listener's speaker and not just an entertainer. They just somehow speak what we want to hear.Aah I guess I am getting it right. Like we have a student's teacher and a teacher's teacher! Not messing it too much.. It's time to get on the move with the ever blabbermouth RJs.

P.S. BTW.. don't download Jodha Akbar songs from the sites.. go grab the original CD from the shop cos you get a bonus CD free .. AAh... so much for me and my big mouth!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Glamour = money?

Too bad! Nowdays, the glamour field is booming up perhaps more than the IT sector!! Why not? The income, fame, recognition got out of this is something majority would not dare to reject.From anchoring to reality shows, it's all showbiz. Attractive sets, tuned comperers to almost priceless prize vouchers. It's as though someone has kept a spicy big Mc right under my nose in the midst of my fast. Temptations and anxiety to know more about stalwarts and their doings are one of the symptoms.

Today, rather than breaking your head over the entrance exams for getting through some professional course..try your hand in the glamour world. Trust me ..even if you can't sing you never know if you are probably be a blabbermouth you might even end up winning the 'best VJ' award. Or if not that then being a spectator will also do. It's the matter of venturing into the magical world and minting money will be on your finger tips. I sometimes wonder how the Confidential group are able to sponser reality shows which amount to 50 lakhs and so on. Money can even buy talent! And I guess everything.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who cared to visit Surmitr(my audio blog)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Confessions of a teen

Compromise or sacrifice.. not too sure about which word I am supposed to use.My career does not demand lab tests or mapping. But it does require loads of mathematics,mental construction,talent and ofcourse practice. I am sure many of you might be dumbstruck by the importance of maths in music.But if anything works it's only cos of simple maths and some can even get complicated.And music is also used as a medicine.If it wasn't for my voice,I would be studying Mass Communication somewhere in this world.And today I realise my greatest asset.God gifted in other words.To be God gifted makes me feel special.Infact so special that now I have to take the responsibility of nurturing it.And here comes the worst part. Advices from seniors..boring lectures, mandatory attendance to each class. Passing phase in every life.But when I was asked to give up cold items that too stuffs like ice cream and curd I was in doubt if I was really lucky about being gifted.Then I realised that kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hain .So precise!And trust me this isn't a sacrifice but a compramise with God for all the success in the coming future that is awaiting me.And no, I havent given up ice creams :) but I know my limits. I had read somewhere that Rahul Dravid had to compromise on a lot of things he loved to be cricketer. That list included his best of friends.

I am sure each one of you must have compromised something or the other to gain something you have longed for.Weird is life and it's ways and so are we.One thing I am very proud of is my positive attitude towards anything.Being an optimist always keeps your mind happy and confident to face a storm.Sadly I have seen a very small count of optimists. Neverthless, in a half glass of water learn to see it half full.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Surmitr - My Audio Blog

After a long time I have actually updated my audio blog.The delay was due to my sinus problems along with a running nose and ofcourse my classes. But now whatever happens I will make it a point to update my blog. Do visit and leave your valuable comments.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Post Cyclone Gonu

Post cyclone Gonu , or maybe I should give you an outline on this.June 6th , 2007 came a cyclone of class 5 (predicted to be of class one-the worst , but the force pulled down as it neared the Arabian coast).The area I stayed in was near the coastal plains.It did affect my area drastically but not cos of the cyclone but cos of a dam which was left open to avoid damages to the near by areas.

The post cyclone effects were visible the very next day itself.To witness people bathing in dirt water that too in a foreign country is definately a sight. Infact my area , Ghubra, had actually become a temporary tourist destination!To have people clicking photographs of the broken road opposite my house, and the path where we used to go for our evening walks was something that will always remain etched in my mind.People were adapting to days without food, water, electricity and for some even without a shelter.I remember that when I and my dad had gone to Lulu to get few stuff for home people were literally getting physical for a bottle of water.One case got that worse that they had to pull in cops to deal with it and eventually started '2 bottles per person' rule.

Life came back to normal , atleast for me , as for me college had begun.Getting used to an autonomous life I had already forgotten about the past.And last week when I landed in Oman for my X'mas leave , there were major changes.Almost 90% of the damages are mended or replaced.Then we had people discussing that if such a thing had taken place in India we would not be able to see it repaired atleast in 20 years. I don't know about India , but the Ministry of Oman has done an incredible job! With monarchy ruling the nation, the orders given by the Sultan are always obeyed.Maybe if Oman had a democratic Government the cyclone damages would have probably not been cleared so fast as you know a proposal has to be passed and the members need to approve of it and etc. Well like I have always said all's well that end's well.

Profile view of the same Mc D!

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