Monday, February 7, 2011

A life mortgaged to the man

Rape cases have become a very common thing like bribery. Sadly, a rape victim remains traumatized even after justice is given to the culprit. It's a shame to know how women can never feel safe in any place ever. Just today I observed Rima's tweets on my timeline which said "In the first place why do we have a ladies compartment? Is it not because she is uncomfortable amidst normal men of the society??" I really don't know what to say when such statements are often made. This is when you don't know if you should justify and disagree or agree by remembering every rape victim. No, all men are not bad. But why is it hard for them to respect woman?

I have often thanked the media for covering so many cases that would have remained paralyzed if it were not for their part time hobby to complete the CBI's work. Every time I think of a Ruchika, Aarushi or Priyadarshini ..I can't help but think of me in their position. To count your blessings is one thing, to apply those blessings in a fruitful manner is another? Soumya was just another jolly, intelligent woman who was on her way to see her soul mate and it took 5 minutes of an aggressive man to rupture her life for good only to satisfy his animal-like cravings. 5 minutes. The judiciary would probably require twenty years to punish the culprit for these 5 minutes. Now tell this fair?

It's always been a hard world for a woman. I've never been one of those who said we are equal to men because we really aren't. Emotionally we are a hell stronger than men as we prepare ourselves to produce a whole new life which is almost like bringing a whole new universe into existence. We play the roles of many at the same time only to put a tough fight against this male chauvinist society. It's getting tougher to survive as a woman but the challenge is now getting easier. Now, with several rape cases reported, one doesn't really know about the after effects. So many politicians including the recent revival of the ice cream parlor case has not done any justice to the victims. But why I mentioned that the challenge is going to easier is because we are no longer going to nod our heads to the sweet time the judiciary is going to take for making their so called verdicts. We all as citizens voice our opinions and know that this snail paced judiciary is not going to do any good to any rape victim.

I think it's time that women should stop relying upon other sources of security that claim to be of use. If they really were of some use... Soumya would be in the world even today. A ladies compartment without security is unbelievable. And a train without any passengers who didn't witness or hear her screams is even more appalling. Please women... equip yourselves, keep yourselves armed and mentally prepared for such situations. I know it's easier said than done. But self-defensive measures are the only way out. No one loves you more than their dignity. And so must you. If you want to actively voice your opinions... there is a forum in Facebook called
Voice it Kerala. Do join it here:!/pages/Voice-it-Kerala/170669696312796

Would like to wrap up this by quoting few lines from Swades to the tunes of Rahmanji:

Yaadon ke paalne mein koi khoyi khoyi baat hai, oh nindiya ab aake tu meri di thi lori gaake.. mere khoye sapne dikhlaade
yaadon ka pal na jhulade