Friday, April 24, 2009

Rosebowl - Thank you for the Music!

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC! - A Tribute to A.R.Rahman!!

It's a 9 hour Telethon first time on Indian Television exclusively on ROSEBOWL. Watch it on the 1st of May from 12:30 pm to 9:30. We'll be playing the 100 greatest tracks of A.R.Rahman and please note that we are not being judgemental...cos every song of the Maestro is the best! But this is a list of some of the best songs of his career. I hope you all have a wonderful time. The show will also be re-telecasted on the 3rd of May before the commencing of the Jai Ho! Concert in Calicut... Try not missing this and your valuable feedback will be appreciated... Thank you and have great fun!

Check out the Promo:

P.S. I am anchoring the show :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

My first Voting ever !!!

Getting and ID card for this process was a horrible experience...The silly rules and formatting is so irritating leave alone the long queue and name sake fans they have fitted which runs in a speed of a comet! This is not words of a spoilt brat NRI... pleaseee!! .. Ask every single human being who was standing there... each one had a curse on their lips! After standing in the queue for like one hour my turn came and I with a smile bigger than the Colgate one just wanted the signature of the officer there. She gave a brief look and signed and asked to get another sign from some officer bigger than her I guess. Well who cares?? I just went there... and that guy asked for the original copy of my 10th CBSE certificate. On understand from my face that I didn’t have with me at that moment what do you think he expected me to?? He wanted me to go home... which is like 30 minutes and worse with traffic and then go searching like a mad dog for my certificate and then drive back 30 minutes and much worse with traffic. I gave him a very sad innocent face... aaha... nothing could change the man. And trust me...I could feel it in my blood that he was doing it just to trouble me and not because he was loyal to the department and blah. Whatever I was so irritated I asked my parents to carry on... and just stood there jobless... sheeessh... they need to get a life!! And then mom came and tried her best to convince him... I had my passport renewed just a month ago... so obviously it would have got renewed only if I had my 10th certificate... anyways the man was adamant... so I went back home.. He didn’t even bother checking out the certificate... I felt like pointing out my math marks... cos that was the only worth thing to be noticed in that certificate... but who cares?? After all the pain I definitely had to go and vote! For the one and only Shashi Tharoor :)... I've admired him from the time he was in UN...and also cos he is an Indian representing UN. Voting hardly took time cos I went in the afternoon and no one was there. So I got my ID card checked then got some indelible ink on the index finger of my left hand and went and pressed the button next to 'Shashi Tharoor'..With a palm sign next to it. I didn't particularly feeling anything but I felt good about one thing... i.e. my mom and dad voted for the first time with me yesterday. I felt good that I got to vote at 19! And that when I have children I can always boast about it... I hope India enters a more prosperous phase and that all the big problems become miniscule and that we progress a step higher than a 'third world country'... Jai Ho!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Indian Says...

Another friend of mine Sriram has got into blogging. The person composes such amazing music but never thought he can get aggressive and patriotic in certain issues. Usually chatting with him is a chat full of music and peace and homeliness... but couple of days back he started off with Hindu and Muslim rights and about Varun Gandhi's rights and blah blah that I was pretty surprised that he had such wide thinking... And two days later out of nowhere he pops up with a blog and boy! He is talking! So go and check up with this amateur blogger and do encourage him!

To check out his musical creation Click Here.

To check out his blog .. do click here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Vishu!

Vishu is always celebrated the same way whether it was in Oman or in Kerala... but the feel with which we celebrate and the enthusiasm is what varies.. Back in Oman we are so excited to celebrate any kind of festival including those belonging to the North or another state. For Vishu Mom and Dad will be shopping on the eve and then would decorate for the morning kani.. I and Nisha would be sent early to bed and would be woken up around 4:30 blindfolded ...The best part would be kaineetam...No marks for guessing!! We would usually hold a sadya at home and invite all our friends for lunch.. It makes us homesick and also makes us feel at home...

Two years back when I shifted to Kerala.. I celebrated my first Indian Vishu in Trissur.. It was great fun with crackers and all the customs with more guests, etc. But this year we decided to celebrate in Trivandrum itself. I found the enthusiasm less over here... no crackers or noise... in fact people were preparing Non-vegetarian dishes and there were very few people who actually decorated for the hype here was low and so was it at our home too. Very few relatives came over... it was more like a formality to be done rather than celebrating the fact that it is a new year... I came up with crankiest happy vishu messages sending it to everyone in my mobile list... out of which very few bothered wishing me back :D (I guess it was cos of the P.S. which spoke of mandatory kaineetam *tee hee*)

I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY VISHU! And a great year full of joy and happiness and if any grievances... then the strength to overcome it...

"Follow your bliss
And the universe
Will open doors for you
Where there were
only walls"

- Joseph Campbell

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day at the Legend's

I was in Chennai for a while and got the great privilege to meet Music Director Devarajan master's family. Thanks to Lulu aunty, Head Mistress, Asan Memorial school because of who we got to meet them. We spoke a lot about his music and unrecorded works. She even asked me to sing...and I sang my favourite Om Namah Shiva. After I sang she said that master must have definitely heard my voice and that she can feel it! Apparently her grandson only talks about space and galaxy but her granddaughter who is hardly 2 years old is inclined a little towards music.

She said that master would have never encouraged reality shows if he was alive. She asked me to touch his feet and take his blessings... and I feel things will take a good turn in my life with his blessings. These are those moments when one feels thoroughly blessed with a reason to fulfil his dreams...