Monday, July 5, 2010

Trust defines relationships to an extent. Tolerance is the saturation point. It's hard to trust anyone just for the sake of them being a nice person. We humans have just lost faith in goodness and simplicity and honesty. Few days earlier, a leading actress had said that 'honesty is an underrated concept in Bollywood'. I think it's underrated everywhere. It's so hard to just trust someone for being plain honest. We never seem to realize their honesty and instead start doubting their skills. In today's world, it's considered to be 'politically correct' when you are dead honest about something. But honesty is like power. It comes with a responsibility. One must be honest and tolerant. I don't think it's nice to be frank to an extent where you end up hurting someone's feelings. It's important to convey the point by not presenting it in the raw form. Don't end up being a person who expects positive criticism when you can't speak up your mind. Don't make a bunch of insensitive friends who add up to more than your list of enemies. Honesty might not give you an invitation to the happening party of the week, or an entry to the coolest gang. But it can give you satisfaction for a lifetime...satisfaction to the extent of even healing fatal relationships to be the trusted one forever.

Everyone is a hypocrite. Not even one person could have spent their life without lying at least once in their life. So many times, when we are required to be polite, we end up being diplomatic - which is hypocrisy. In the Film industry, one can get to hear a lot of gossips, rumours, lies and deceiving truths. But I seldom get to appreciate those who do it on the face rather than being two faced. People clearly tend to forget about karma. What goes around comes around. That implies to all the good and bad things happening in our lives. In a lifetime, where we all want to live it to the fullest, we hardly get to enjoy vital moments of being true to someone, of being caring, of being a professional, of being an accountable citizen. What's life when you know you have hardly done anything satisfactory? When you are secretly plotting against your enemy, you pat yourself at the back for executing it successfully, you forget that He is already penning it down simultaneously and mailing it to ''. We all rely upon Him. If it wasn't for Him we would not be in pain. Nor would we have the strength to overcome the pain. If He made the mountains and the rivers and the flowers ... he also made quakes, floods and trees. Think of your purpose of being a part of this beautiful earth. You are here for making a difference. Don't be a spoil sport by happily ruining other's life by being judgmental. It's easy for one to point fingers at the politician for bribery, at the script writer for the failure of a film, at the rains for causing flood. But we are indirectly attributing to the failure of what we see around us. Bribery starts from you who are not patient to wait for time to solve your problems. A bad movie starts from you having a bad taste about the 'latest trend'. A flood starts with you polluting the environment, by wasting our natural resources. Like Shashi Tharoor once said : you have to be the change you want to see.

Quote for the month

Well, it's really not a quote but a tweet by @chetan_bhagat on behaviour. It goes like this :
If someone disagrees with someone's opinion, one can give a counter opinion. Tasteless, personal remarks not cool. (Not talking abt me)