Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taare Zameen Par

Every child is special.And Aamir Khan has potrayed it so well in the movie.It's funny when we realise small things through movies. Many a times we fail to sync with the minds of people who are close to us.You really can't blame parents for the failure of their children.They invest so much into their child's upbringing that the efforts put by them are priceless.But for few parents, the equation does not balance because they ignore or forget to mix the right combination of elements. To tap out one's hidden talent is one of the most difficult task of today, worse than mugging up historical dates.

When I showed a spark in singing at 4, my dad felt I required a bit of polishing.And hence I joined for music lessons. Knowledge was being imparted, sustained, practiced and performed. Then came a phase where I was given a choice to choose my career line.My parents were very keen on me choosing music as my main stream .Just like how a doctor gets his MBBS deg. and an engineer his Btech, I decided that mine demanded one too. With the blessings of my gurus I stepped into the world of divine music.And if I wouldn't be a singer I would have been a journalist cos I love writing.And that's the precise reason for 'Musically yours' being alive today :D

Hope parents are able to receive the shadows of their child's talents cos we can't keep having Aamir Khan to show us the stars shine above ;-)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kairali Christmas Episode

The X'mas special episode will be telecasted today from 2:30 pm (IST)on Kairali . The song I have done is based on a mixture of Jog raag and Nattai.Do check it out. They have other singers like Sriram sir(ofcourse),Rimi Tomy, Sayonara also featuring it.

The campus participation episode of Airtel Starwars will be telecasted on the 1st of January 2008 (if any changes will let you know) at 7:30 pm (IST) in Kairali.The song sung by us was Rapadi with a few improvisations. Don't miss out Sriram's comments.Ciao!

Monday, December 24, 2007

My running nose is getting worse day by day..looks like it's all set to run for the marathon :D And the medicines i am taking three times a day are apparently hunger-inducing types. So I guess I'll hit a century if I continue with a diet of this kind. Meanwhile having an awesome time in Oman. Lot of memories refreshed and many yet to be refreshed.Had great plans of recording songs and uploading them at surmitr,but in vain.

The weather is pretty unpredictable nowdays.The mornings can get as hot as me :) and in the evenings we can expect a fraction of the Niagra falls.And it has to be this weather change that initiated the cold in me.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a properous New Year

Friday, December 21, 2007

Human Gods are becoming very prominent and an influential part of a common man. People have become blind in human induced powers.They preach and capture the minds of people and the rest becomes history.I don't really know how much of it is non fiction.But it's very hard for me to accept a human God.It's not about the evidence of the presence of supernatural powers , but the fact that they are just humans , like you and me.My mom had told me that when we are in despair , we tend to believe in things that can give us relief when we are indubitable about medical/ financial failure.I met this person who had a marriage failure get into the school of kalki cos of his depression.In a way it was good that he chose that cos once he joined he happened to wed again, gain a promotion and is now a father.He believes it all to be the blessings of the kalki representative or in other words God.

People have many alternatives when they are surrendered to depression.Some choose alcoholic pleasure, meditation, the others decide to venture heaven and few leave it to fate. But with the commencement of Human Gods into the society , irrespective of the levels,the trend is gradually changing. Like how coffee has beaten the alcohol trend Human gods have begun to encroach upon the hearts of millions. Not getting into the pros and cons of the matter I wonder if this will continue to be a perpetual attraction.

As of now ..just landed in Oman (Muscat)- the place that shaped my childhood.Will be here for sometime.With a running nose..I think updating my audio blog will take another week's time. Merry X'mas

Friday, December 14, 2007

Curiosity and assumptions

Why do humans classify aliens superior to us? It's just an assumption, but why a negative one? Everything has always been stamped through an assumption.Aliens are big creatures ,three fingered, with metal base uniforms, scary eyes, and are highly intellectual which do not match a human brain. Sometimes told as insect-like species who have webbed fingers and has a glow-in-the-dark skin.They come in space ships and their purpose for commencing into earth is to encroach upon it. Says who?This is one dilemma yet to be solved.

We have movies like Independence day and ET where the former potrays aliens as beasts who are born for destroying human and their inventions, and the latter where aliens can be a simple friend. Aliens could be something which cannot be seen and only heard. Or could be something felt. Honey bees can view colours we can't cos of their compound eyes. Probably they can see aliens. Humans have always been preaching themselves as the most powerful ones after God, ofcourse because of the booming technology we have.Then in that case we should probably consider aliens as a friendly creature who can probably help us out in knowing things we are yet to discover.We are suppose to be prepared and equiped with technology good enough to fight the aliens but should never be afraid of something which has not been proved to be living in the universe.And we have the great cinema which can guide us/mislead us into curiosity of such creatures.It would certainly be wonderful to have aliens living with us.

Now I have to run for another shoot for 3 days..will update you with that as soon as I am back. Ciao!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Airtel Starwars

Just got back from my three day shoot at Cochin. The sets were just out of the world..that itself got us working harder.Initially mixing with the other colleges were a little hard cos each one was treating the other one as aliens, but representing the women's college, Trivandrum , attracted a lot of eyeballs .After the long 5 hour journey, the food served was like adding salt to injury.But once we commenced with the practice sessions it was totally rocking.It was pure competition .Even while rehearsing the opposition teams were 'acting' ignorant when we were on full swing.The rooms we were given for staying too were pretty big. It was like a dormitory.In the night we had a complete 'girls day out' in the room.

4 hours of sleep is what we got.With yawning faces ,Monday morning was expected to be tiring and hectic.Reaching the venue at sharp 7:30 made our lives easier as we got to get the dancers ready for their performance.After the dance sessions, we had the music sessions at around 8 in the night.We were performing Raapadi from 'Ente Suryaputhri' ,composed by Illayraja sir.Screaming our lungs out we were completely dead by the end of the day.The only relief we got were the pastries we got to have from the bakery.One of the dancers, Richu was celebrating her b'day today. So we got her a surprise cake to make the trip more merrier.

4 hours of sleep reduced to 3 and a half and with yawning faces ,we again made it this time but at 8 to the'Bright studios'.Gulped down the so called 'breakfast' and rushed for recording.When we had decided on singing Raapadi during our screening, many objected because they felt we could sing something more classical(being music students). So with negative response from our fellow students we went ahead with the song and made it upto today.But it was different this time. We had some improvisations done.Added few sargams and aalaps and made it look versatile.Our mentor, Unni sir, was very adamant about making improvisations because out of the 4 colleges who were taking part ,we are the only college which have a music department.Sriram sir went completely gaga over our performance for two obvious reasons:one-his wife is one of the aluminis of our college,and two,we perfomed fantabulously well (which my sixth sense told me even before we performed).Infact what completely impressed Sriram sir were those extra stuffs we added on .Will soon upload the video into my video blog. After extracting awesome marks from the judges, we had to come first :) and the second round will be held somewhere in Jan.The Airtel Starwars is shown everyday from 7:30 to 8:30 on Kairali tv.Will update you guyz about the telecasting of our episode. Till then catch a few pics of the shoot at snapshots(my photo blog).

*yawn* Need some sleep desperately :D

Thursday, December 6, 2007

In the midst of my rehearsals, I had to commit myself to something I've been looking forward to for a long time- my home.When architect Shankar entered all he said was 'cute' and spoke about the positive energy he experienced when he got inside.After having a look at the house on a whole I told him about the extensions I intended to make.It's alwayz been my dream to have a 'musical room' and with Shankar full of innovative plans , I was all set to make my dream come true at any cost.

Shankar's ideas are alwayz expensive but brilliant.He wanted to blend Indian designs with the country ones.I was a little hesitant cos I felt that making a home is not like doing a 'jugalbandhi' in musical terms.So he kept thinking and I kept refusing.Then came the master plan(It was a vision I had at that point)- having steps commencing after the bedroom into the entrance of my musical room.With the Veena on the side and the sony system right at the centre and the perfect combination of furniture and curtains my dream would come into existance.And when the guests arrive they can park their vehicles in the underground parking space and not to forget the swing at the right hand corner of the sloping lawn!He said everything is possible if money is not a problem.And I smiled :)I just wished I had a magic wand.

All goes well that ends well.. so if everything ends well you may get the chance to view it at snapshots.At present I am just hunting for some musical names for my home.Some names thats crossed my mind were Geet,Sargam, Surmitr, Sangam ,Meghmalhar, Andolika.Do suggest some names..till then ciao!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jab we met

I was pretty cool about travelling alone for a long span of time, but mum was nervous cos she thinks I can't manage myself not only travelling, just anything. So here I convinced her into allowing me to travel alone for once in my life.After a hectic schedule I started with my packing and ended it with a relaxed oil bath. Grabbed something to eat and rushed to catch my bus.My cousin was all nervous and even spoke to the people sitting behind me about my destination and stuff. Finally the giant locomotive started moving and I got comfortable listening to my ipod.After half an hour I just slept off only to be waken up by this dude.
I have alwayz fancied having a 'hum tum' guy next to me when I am travelling alone and then we become great friends and like they say couples are made in heaven :)But this dude just can't come anywhere near the 'hum tum' types.I first thought he was the conductor cos he asked me to show my boarding pass (I hav'nt seen conductors wearing uniforms in a volvo bus).I showed my boarding pass and he asked me if I had a problem with him sitting beside me . For obvious reasons I agreed .It didn't even take him five minutes to get comfortable and there ....Zzzzzz.Then it self my 'hum tum' dream broke down and remained a fantasy.I had to accept the bitter truth that filmy stories are a fiction.Then he woke up in the next fifteen minutes and vigorously started calling someone. When that person didn't attend the call, he started sending messages. Then someone called and he started speaking about weather ..some plot he wanted to buy..and some people he had to meet.He was so random.As it was freezing I was trying to adjust my shawl when my hand by mistakely brushed past his.He was completely taken aback and started behaving like a touch-me-not plant.

I was completely relieved when I got down at my stop..I was happy about the conclusion of those 6 hours of hell.I'll rather go watch Jab we met and satisfy myself.Fantasies never work.

P.S. Have updated my picture blog with sunset pics and my shoot for Xpat Asia.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Diwali gift

Though belated.. here is my Diwali gift to all my blog viewers. A special treat for all of you. I have uploaded one of my audios which you can view here:
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Hope you enjoy it...
Happy Diwali once again

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Media exposes or exploits?

Source of Information : Media

When people claim that they are being secured by a democratic system , I am still in doubt of whether monarchy would be a better option. Someone said that democrats often hesitate in voicing their opinion because of the influence of money. With the Tehelka exposing the naked truths of the Gujrat carnage, people are still trapped in a tumult atmosphere. With Modi under fire and Bajrungi under threats, looks like India is shaping up well. What made Bajrungi speak? That too at a point when the Musilms were exchanging their Eid delicacies with the Diwali sweets.Tehelka openly said that their quest for truth were not intended to arouse an war in the next elections but to revive the essence of human rights. We actually needed Tehelka to remind us of our rights . Shame.

'Practice what you preach'-Seven bollywood actors under cop scanner and actors were having a jolly time playing a match organised by the underworld.They are the stars we idealise , admire, to some extent even follow their footsteps.And since Bollywood promotes social welfare, should definately make it a point to avoid scandals because public is their strength and fear- the beginning of their lives and the end of their destiny. For the Bachans Rs. 170000 room for the bahu's birthday bash is hardly the amount required for their gardening.But I guess they had to pay off a lot of bills at the Taj because when they were questioned by the Tax Department on ofcourse non-payment of tax Big B was spell bound.Looks like Big B's all set to play black from reel to real.

P.S. Happy Diwali :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

I am aware,not a fool

Yes, I hate criticising the Government the citizens elect. But ignorance is bliss. So in my earlier post I had written about the hampered roads and unclean environment our Government seldom takes care of.
On weekdays I have to pick my cousin up from her school daily which is followed by a bumpy rocky road with distant puddles due to the on and off of the monsoon rains.So on a Monday morning being the beginning of a tiring week, I was preparing myself for the bumps. And abra ka bumps!! Was I hallucinating was sure about the absence of those bumps.Taking my ear phones of, I doubtfully looked outside the window and happened to notice that the roads were tarred!Now I have to acknowlegde the hardwork put in by the Goverment in getting this right. My half an hour journey from college to home has been reduced by fifteen minutes. Thanks to these tarred roads. The Government has done a commendable job.Most of us are critics and seldom realise or tend to ignore the advances made by the Govt. in improving our environment. Or maybe people are too bothered about Rani's discreet wedding or about celeb break ups!

What's with Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt being tried on a regular basis for something they did when I could not even read or write? This is purely being done to attract media attention. What's the purpose? Laws falls under limelight and the celebs run off by bail!Who is getting fooled? Media or the public? Is Salman the only person who hunted the Chinkara or is it that there are others who did it but missed the limelight? I would rather be interested on testifying the Jessica Lal case where Manu is CtrlBstill flying around as a free bird despite public support against him and honest report on the vision witnessed by Jessica's friend.Politics or lack of celeb value?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Other Side

Often we tend to sympathize the sufferer. What about the other side?
Situation 1 : A criminal is being hanged to death. Of course limelight is given to the victim. Have we wondered what the hangman goes through?
Situation 2 :A rape victim being tried. Habituated, we obviously think of who performed this horrendous act and how he should be punished or what compensation should be given to the victim.We never think about what caused the man to rape the victim. Survey says that women themselves are responsible for 60% of the rape cases taking place.
Situation 3:Now if we have a witness for a murder scene(For eg. the Jessica Lal case) .The witness,according to the law is asked to assemble in order to speak out the truth.In many cases we notice that the witness happens to shy away from revealing the truth. So all of us jump ahead saying the witness should be punished, he is cruel,heartless,useless,etc. But we seldom think about what the witness is going through. Put yourself in the position of the witness. Would you actually go up and speak the truth? Would you even assemble at the court? It is very obvious that our personal decisions never remain personal and are always influenced by our friends,relatives,or our dearest ones.And remember 'Practice what you preach'.Ciao!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Chocolates!!! Yuuuuuuuuum......Imagine if factories stopped producing chocolates one bright morning? No chocolate cakes, ice creams, juices..just nothing.Ok.. here beings the story of : Evolution of chocolates. Cacao , the evegreen trees in the rainforests of South Africa are the initial ingridient that was used to prepare chocolate. Infact these seeds were used as currency like two beans could buy a pumpkin and four could purchase a rabbit!

If I was the president I would have employed each and every unemployed person on earth, I would have eradicated chickun gunia by inventing an anti-gunia drug, would have made a house for each beggar on the street, would have kept my country clean and would have made each indian an literate. That's what everyone says. So do I. So I decided to take my initial step by keeping my house clean :) Not a bad start at all.

The other day I had been to Ambrosia, a famous hang out for youngsters. Just beside it I saw this grotisque poster next to the parlour. It said something like 'He is in pain and i suffer'.It was the day for those who were struck by the Alzheimer's. I feel so blessed and infact just smacked my head for cribbing for not getting a new keychain for my bed room key.
Qouted by an unknown author.. 'Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain'.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yu Saja Chand

OK...finally I've uploaded my video.The organizers wanted a variety piece so i thought of singing a ghazal with my own aalap.It's a ghazal originally composed by Ghulam Ali and sung by Asha ji.The aalap in the beginning is something I added on to give it a better start.The video is a little vague because it was shot through my cell.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I'll be writing about a couple of things today. To begin with, being a first year at The Maharaja's Womens' college it's just been only a few days since I've got out of all the hype at the place of admission .To be more precise, the office. I was waiting for my turn at the office along with another 500 who were waiting there for the same cause.I thought I'll go and check the list they have put .Towards the end of the list ,four names were written all of which were SCST and in brackets it was also mentioned that they were exempted from giving the aptitude test .Aren't we all trying to forget about the fact that castes exist. Well we indians say that we have to remove castes and religion in order to live more happily. On the other hand we help the SCST's by making their job easier. Do they become another species just by being an SCST, because if they can be given admission by getting exempted from the aptitude test then why can't I ? The matter here is not about justice. I will only be proud to be selected because of my marks and qualifications, but aren't we people responsible for increasing the problems instead of working towards the solution. By helping the SCST groups aren't we try to make it more visible that they do exist. That shows we still do have castes prevailing everywhere. If they are treated the same just like the 'normal' castes , I don't think we would be struggling for removing castism out of our country. All problems are connected.

September 14 , 2007 .I turn eighteen today. A Major.I've got voting rights. My signature will be valued.I am a responsible girl today. Happy birthday to me!

P.S. : SCST are Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Immortal issues

Well,I really dislike debating over common topics but there are some issues you just cant ignore or rather are too provoking.Well I've witnessed so many arguements on whether love marriage is more applicable than arranged. Another famous topic for discussion is whether uniforms are to be initiated in colleges. Then we've got the Nobel award winning topic: If men are smarter than women.
I was wondering the other day if men are more egoistic than women.I don't know if i am right by saying that half of the time,women compromise because they have digested the fact that men can never get emotional and can never fall at our feet (implied only majority and not all ).And yes,we have seen the upgrade of the women community by eminent leaders and all but still don't you think somewhere we women -atleast indian women do follow our tradition and have learnt to adjust and compromise on the silliest of the matter.The point i want to stress here is that women compromise first.This does not refer to just romantic relationships,could be something between siblings,parents,or even friends.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Who are to be blamed?

People say that the government is responsible for everything and anything happening in our country and to be precise , all the wrong happenings.We chose the government so aren't we suppose to be a part of those wrong happenings which take place.Anywayz I am not beating around the bush ,we have people debating on social issues whether the Govt. or the citizens themself are responsible for the condition of our present India.All of us know that we as citizens have responsibility towards the country's economic development. But back to square one , who is going to bell the cat ?

I really dont think people dislike talking on social issues. Its not that we are ignorant , we just know as a person we can't really change things.And being an Ex-NRI, I have loved social service cos I knew India needed that desperately.Being a member of the NSS ,I have seen so many parents being hesitant to send their children to clean roads ,or help build houses..cos they are worried about them getting sick ,cutting classes.Who ll want to risk their childrens' lives for the sake of keeping the country clean but yes they wouldn't mind risking for a few marks in their exams(being a member of NSS , you get additional marks). Who are to be blamed?

Maybe the first few days you can see people on the roads cleaning ,but it never becomes a habit.We've read in books ,watched so many footages ,tell me one person whose actually felt like making it happen rather than voicing their opinion each and every time about the same problem. And we better find someone to bell the cat before it gets too late!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tore Bina

Hariharan On stage with Rahman on the ARR Live in Concert at L.A. Xclusive piece.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jana Gana Mana

As every true Indian feels patriotic on August 15th...celebrating her 60th birthday...even i felt proud. But felt even more patriotic when i saw the 'Jana Gana Mana' done by the Asian Mozart himself.. along with bharat bala.Was completely spell bound. The whole set of musicians...the audio and the visuals would have been incomplete without the perfect combo of each and every instrument and voice. Well if all of us have noticed ,Rahman - Bala works are very exclusive and immortal. Infact the other day i had read Bala speaking about how he chooses to work with the genius. Shankar Mahadevan was saying that he had been to Rahmanji's studio to set one of his instrument's right..when they got chit chatting over music..and he landed up singing for Rahman. Well i can't really call that luck...but it's all about being blessed...and being put on the right path. These 60 years would have gone a complete waste without any of them.
Jai Hind!


Who is not addicted to coffee day ?? I cant do without having that Sizzling brownie and devil's own ... Oh its awesomeee....The best place to hang out when your sad... when you want to celebrate.. or even if its an important discussion .. jus grab your wallet...and rush into Ccd. The ambience so perfectly blends with the coffee.. that honestly i have no words to express.. Starbucks and Costa coffee dosen't lag behind at all. Well the growing coffee culture is indeed very much in demand ... and is reducing the alcoholic trend in todays busy life. Adios amigo for now :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Doordarshan presents you ..

Hola!... The other day.. a generous person ..generous because he had to deal with me :)...said that he wanted me to record a title track for a serial for which he had composed music.. He was saying that with a lot of pride... after all his first project as a music director !! It was a title track for a teleserial .I was not nervous at all... not until I woke up that lazy morning and realised I had to record !! my first recording for television !!.. ok ok... maybe not Mtv.... but stilll television!! Not everyone gets an oppurtunity to sing for television ... ok now I am overdoing it :)
I did'nt eat anything in the morning.. thought of going empty stomach..or rather was a little too nervous :P..and trust me guyz its so hard to stay without food...especially for a foody like me .
Ronny was a complete sweetheart... he was so patient.. cos he knew it was my first recording . He jus played a few chords... gave me a generalised form of what i was to record.. and the rest was extempore..Initially I had to record the first few lines like 10 times.. due to changes made to the lyrics , tune ,etc. But after that little bit of struggle... it went on pretty smooth.. and the recording got over like in an hour. Felt awesome to hear my voice come out of the system ..something that I own... but i owe it all to Ronny... Well that was an experience.. I wont be able to forget.. after all my very first recording for the television..

Friday, August 3, 2007

With Harish Ragavendra(etho undru , manasakullai ,devathey kanden ,chennai senthamizh ,etc) on a show held at Sheraton. We had chitraji singing on the show too.

New Beginning

A new place ,new people ,new teachers ,frightened...yet excited ,nervous ,anxious... so many mixed emotions for a teen beginning his/her college. Similiar is my attitude. But more than being frightened... I am excited to begin a new routine .. with my love ... music.
Music has been my passion over the years.. and what more joy can i get in learning about a subject i just adore!! So wish me luck for my new beginning....:)

OH! surprise!!.. I've learnt classical dance for 8years..including Bharatnatyam , Kuchupudi , Mohiniyattam , Folk.. and ofcourse Cinematic. This pic shows a pose in Kuchupudi

Me interviewing T.M.Krishna and Bombay Jayashree for Xpat Asia
Me with Anandji(music director of the old version of Don,etc) during a show. It was a blessing to have him on the show where i could perform for him ....he said i sing gud :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

The truth behind Reality in reel world needs to be revealed

Hey ... I guess most of you are daily viewers of reality shows... (would not like to be precise about the names)...I am sure more than half of you will be voting for your favourite singer through the sms system ! Well more than showcasing talents... it's like a profit making business for mobile companies :) !!

I wonder how many of you actually sms on the basis of talent .. I can guarantee most of you sms sympathetically .. or because the person performing is your 'bestest' friend... or because you are obliged to that person .. or because you think he/she can do wonders with their smile!... But how many of you actually vote for the performer because he/she performs good?? And where do the winners of these shows disappear? any clue?? they release albums... do a lot of shows... but then after a year or two where are they ?PONDER

Do you think sms is the best way through which we can choose our singers ?.. Why don't we leave that job to the professionals... just a suggestion....:) And i think it's better watching Ekta Kapoor's 'K' series than watch the cat fights between various panels..besides... is it necessary for today's singers to dance along with their singing... When it's so hard to sing and create an impression ... you ask us to dance along !!... what more could we ask for .. :-)

P.S. I am not criticising any particular channel or T.V. show .. was generally voicing my opinion

Friday, July 27, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cyclone Gonu

Hey! Being brought up in Oman... I love this place ...and as I got alert messages on June 5th about a cyclone Gonu that was going to hit... I was like.. 'ya right! cyclone my foot!' No one cared... No one was bothered. Cyclones are not supposed to be hitting Oman... where rains are 'once in a blue moon' thing! they should be attacking..cyclone-prone Gujarat..Indonesia...etc. But no.... this time... it was the desert itself.. but no one wanted to believe it. And my cell jus kept beeping very one hour with messages regarding the cyclone
The ROP were asking people to stay away from windows and asked us not to step out of our houses. I was working on the computer two hours before the cyclone hit....the computer was situated right next to the window.
As the ROP had alerted...the cyclone hit at 5:15... it was like a river flowing in front of my house! I was having fun shooting it through my cell..thinking i will upload it onto the computer once the flow stops.. Little did i know that the storm was too fond of my area and that i won't be able to access the computer for atleast the next 10days.

The flow kept increasing..that the water level reached the dashboard of my car. Then we started lifting all the drawers and important things in the ground floor n ran upstairs. By then we didn't have electricity, or water , nor was the cell working as there was no range. We were stuck.

But with God's grace..the cyclone which was suppose to have come in a Limo landed up coming in a Toyota :-D

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Neha Sasikumar Nair - The original version

Hey guys! well to begin with..I am Neha Sasikumar Nair. I am living in of the GCC countries.Since I am jus done wid my school life.. I have been spending more time on music. My connection with music began from the age of 4. My dad is an ardent fan of carnatic music...and since in his childhood he could not learn it he made it a point to teach his daughters. My elder sister is a software engineer in Infosys. So ... there began my journey .. Initially I learnt music and dance... because I loved performing ..I won a lot of competition..lost few..all a part of gaining confidence while performing.. and learning from one's mistakes.. then in 9th..I reached a point where I felt I must concentrate on either dance or music.. because doing both were time consuming .. besides I did not want to become a jack of all trades and master of none..! So there my musical journey began ... it was only music n music... infact in my 10th I had decided I would pursue my career in music..

I began with carnatic music.. my first guru being ..Mrs. Prabha..she taught me for one year .She then left for good .. but the guru who made a difference in my life is Shri. Ramesh Narayan..he groomed me so welll in classical and light music. In 11th ..I felt a need of learning more of ghazals.. and other styles... hence took up Hindustani classes too... and my guru in that is Ustad Khalid Anwar Jaan..a Pakistani . Both these styles have helped me in becoming versatile.. and maybe thats why I get to do a variety of shows.. everywhere.

My dad... he is my biggest motivator... if it wasnt for him ..I wouldnt be able to make one of the most important decisions in my life... well as of now... I am panning to do my bachelors in music... and have high dreams of making it big in the world of playback and classical.