Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cyclone Gonu

Hey! Being brought up in Oman... I love this place ...and as I got alert messages on June 5th about a cyclone Gonu that was going to hit... I was like.. 'ya right! cyclone my foot!' No one cared... No one was bothered. Cyclones are not supposed to be hitting Oman... where rains are 'once in a blue moon' thing! they should be attacking..cyclone-prone Gujarat..Indonesia...etc. But no.... this time... it was the desert itself.. but no one wanted to believe it. And my cell jus kept beeping very one hour with messages regarding the cyclone
The ROP were asking people to stay away from windows and asked us not to step out of our houses. I was working on the computer two hours before the cyclone hit....the computer was situated right next to the window.
As the ROP had alerted...the cyclone hit at 5:15... it was like a river flowing in front of my house! I was having fun shooting it through my cell..thinking i will upload it onto the computer once the flow stops.. Little did i know that the storm was too fond of my area and that i won't be able to access the computer for atleast the next 10days.

The flow kept increasing..that the water level reached the dashboard of my car. Then we started lifting all the drawers and important things in the ground floor n ran upstairs. By then we didn't have electricity, or water , nor was the cell working as there was no range. We were stuck.

But with God's grace..the cyclone which was suppose to have come in a Limo landed up coming in a Toyota :-D


Sri said...

good description. And I can understand how painful it is the water comes till the ground floor... thank GOD for making you all safe!


Shaikh said...

and then after you ran off from there, there was water electricity and everything the very next day at you area....

Kunal Janu said...

nice write up.. I just happened to be on your blog eve's dropping :P Actually google helped me get here!