Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Princess Wedding

The best wedding reception I've seen so far. Resort Maria is set in the backwaters in Allepey. The houseboats, the traditional boat race and the 'kuttanadu kayalile' song has tempted me from such a long time to visit this place. And I had been invited before but couldn't make it due to other plans. But this one was just unavoidable. Couldn't attend the wedding but I thought the reception would be just formal with a toast and a couple of thank-you notes and then maybe food as they are christians. But I was totally overwhelmed and have crowned Dr. Thomas (the bride's father) the most cool and happening dad of the year!! As we had reached the resort early we were just waiting for the couple and the families to arrive .The waiting went on for seconds and minutes and then there was the sound of a million crackers being burst up on air. Beautiful. The houseboat kept moving forward and the crackers went on bursting and the third most glamorous thing was the the 'chenda-mela' being played on the top of the boat. The whole team were standing above and playing it live. It was like a 'puram'. And after the beautiful reception, the bride and groom entered and were seated on a panthal!! They had a hindu marriage with just the garlands and the 3 rounds and the honey and bananas. Let me remind you... they both are Christians. I've never seen such a way of celebrating before. Not a hindu wedding with all the customs but just the main ones. Infact Dr. was a little tensed and kept looking at me to check if what they were doing was in the right way or not. When on stage, Dr. was asked to do the toast and instead of champagne, the drink was substituted for 'karikku' water :D It was absolutely fantabulous and I really don't have words to express this reception. Like I mentioned before ,I usually never sing for weddings, or receptions or any kind of personal celebrations but this one was just unavoidable. I ,as per Dr.'s request sang Madhuraikyu pogathedee, Sutrum vizhi, Valkannezhuthi with Gopan uncle and the last but the best Paarthu mudhalnaale with Dr. himself. He went completely out of track at the ending bit and I just went laughing on stage forever. But he never feels bad. The party was catered by Naushad and the starters included crabs, lobsters, prawns, octopus, chicken. duck and for vegetarians just paneer! I just couldn't have anything .Had lots of deserts though. It was a great party anyways...and Rose definitely did have a princess wedding!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The beginning to an end

Quite busy with a lot of work and hence blogging had taken a back seat for the past few days. The whole bomb blast thing has alerted the habitants of every metro .And to make it worse apparently the next target is Kerala. I thought this would be the last place to be targetted as we are the ones heading off to become a metro and obviously don't stand a chance to be the victims. And there is seriously no point in asking people to evacuate the busy places as you see nowadays bombs come in tiffins! Too bad..where should the Police squad even start their search from? My friend was in B'lore just two days back when the blast happened. And these guys were planning to spend the weekend there despite all the mess and blood. But I guess they came back to their senses as soon as the police defused a bomb at Forum. Imagine...Forum being sealed and not a single human being chilling out at the favourite hangout spot in B'lore that too on a Saturday!! India just keeps falling lower and lower everyday, thanks to the bomb planters. I guess the world will soon come to an end and maybe we won't be able to witness a Love Story 2050 live..:P So much for future assumptions!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gurupoornima was a great success!! It was completely an exciting experience cos I got to perform in front of Shri Dakshinamoorthy Swami. Mr. Soorya Krishnamoorthy was felicitated along with Swamiji and M. Jayachandran sir was also present for a short period of time. Will upload the pics soon and will try getting the videos.

Today morning I had to enter my home through the back doors! Yup! my front lock is totally screwed up and will require some mending work ..so as of now I have to get used to the 'thief' life. I will be attending a Christian wedding for the first time in my life :) , at Taj Malabar Hotel. I usually never sing for weddings and receptions but this friend is a special one so will be doing some simple yet dishy numbers.

Watched JTYJN...sooooo cute. Honestly, it's not critically acclaimed and blah blah and story was quite obvious..but the comic element is really strong and the acting is fab of Genelia and Imraan (ga ga !!). The best was the songs..especially Kabhi Kabhi.

Have uploaded few pics of the grey sky.. check them up RIGHT HERE.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The Mandolin when played by Ramesh Narayanji completely swept me off my feet. You can catch it live tomorrow at Hotel Pankaj, Statue, Trivandrum. I don't know about the mandolin but definitely his vocals!! I guess you need to be lucky to hear him practice it. So effortless and also does some moves whilst playing it. I will also be singing for the programme and eminent artists like Shri. Dakshinamoorthy Swamy and Shri. Soorya Krishnamoorthy are also going to grace the occasion with their presence. The 13th Gurupoornima Celebrations have it's origin in the gurukula style of education practised in ancient India.It is an occasion when the students display the entire skill mastered during that year from their Poojya Guruji.The day is believed to be of great significance for pupils of any discipline. The programme will be commencing at 9:30 AM and will conclude by 9 PM. Lunch and dinner will be provided there itself. So please do make it for the programme and fyi my khayal is in raag Bhairav which is a morning raaga and hence will be performing in the morning. Ramesh Narayanji himself will be doing a vocal concert and many of his senior students will also be rendering some exciting dhuns. I need all your best wishes and blessings :D

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vex Revolution

Regarding the incident that occurred yesterday near the Kerala ashramam,Mazhuthankuzhi. Totally appalling! Can't believe what man has made of man ! The gangsters could'nt recheck before killing the guy or what? And the matter cannot even be resuscitated. What a shame! I always assumed that before they are on their mission, they are given atleast a hint or even proofs of the victim's structure, features..but the gangsters just have it their way. Like in RDB hope people fight for justice, it's high time we rejuvenate humanity that is now fatal. The sound that echoes often ,the sound that is ignored, the voice that is never heard, the vexatious heartbeats that delay a proficient mindset... the voice of humanity...

*RIP sire*

"Smelly cat smelly cat
What are they feeding you?
Smelly cat smeeeeeeelly cat
It's not your fault!!"

Smelly Cat's Courtesy: Friends

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who cares?? (I do...)

My dad had to renew his license which he was granted in Trissur a couple of years ago. As we are now in Trivandrum, he thought of getting it renewed. I grabbed this oppurtunity to get my license too as I had already given my learners test. As told by my friend once the license is not taken within six months of the learners then we will have to renew it by paying a fine. So I told my driving school instructor that I would 'like' to take my driving test in the coming week after renewing my learners. Everytime my car gets into the main road I feel like I am being roasted above a fire pot by hungry tribals. I mean a situation almost equivalent to that. You don't know if your ever going to return back home with all sense organs in place. But I have to be courageous. And hence I thought of taking the license.. the driving can always be done later...Much to my surprise, a 'new rule' has been invented i.e. once a person does not take his license test within the given time then the learners cannot be renewed, but will have to be take it again. That means a whole lot of mugging up of all those rules and blah blah. I am done. Totally. I don't care if my prestige or status is gone as low as that of a pig .Whatsoever. I don't care if people are going to make fun of me saying 'hey !I've got a license how come you don't scarypoo'. All I care is of my life and the one day I can probably save by not wasting it studying..sorry..mugging up some traffic rules that are meant to secure my life for God knows how many days. *SIGH* I am a loser with a capital L :(

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cookin' it up

The last two days have been quite groggy and sullen cos of my sis's operation. I got off my morning classes and rushed to a flower shop in Palayam to get some fresh flowers for my sick girl. Got a dozen red roses and was on my way to the hospital. Dad picked me up and we lunched together at some place where I had nearly lost my appetite. But it is way too boring to be emphasized on for an exciting evening I was looking forward to. Grabbed the roses and got an 'red carpet' entry at KIMS *tee hee*... ok ok... not with cameras and snapshots and fans with their autograph books but yes with an hospital entrance which had a red colour carpet :) I entered room 530 only to realize that she is in the Surgery ICU. During the visiting hours ,dad was the only person allowed to see her after which mom was also given her turn. So since the point was clear dad dropped me back and I thought of trying my hand in cooking. I don't know if I have imbibed culinary skills, if any from my kith and kin but I looooove cooking. I made dosas. Not just a dosa but one shaped like a teddy bear and another one like a turtle. Mom used to make it that way so that I eat it for the sake of the shape. I was quite fussy back then. So recollecting some of those maida designs ,I switched on the gas and god knows what happened after that but thankfully something similiar to a teddy bear was produced. The more I made ,the better it shaped and the more it burnt. Not good at balancing things. Toooooo much to concentrate! Shape, thickness, texture, whether well cooked... too many. Just too many. Somehow my niece and nephew managed to gulp it down and infact asked for more :D We ended the cooking session with double omelettes and lime juices. Oh to add more fun to all this we had it in the presence of an emergency light cos of no current. Oh! and I burnt...not exactly.. kind of burnt my index finger thrice at the same spot. Now that's something only I can accomplish. And my aunt who I guess was enlightening the dark night with her jokes ,was saying something about starting a thattukada somewhere near and I could make animal shaped dosas and my cousin could do the omelettes and the rest could do blah blah.. Ok...tomorrow is strike and I need to reach the hospital by 4:30 am soo... ZZzzzzzzzzz

Have uploaded MINSARAKANNA in my Video Blog...do Check it out HERE.