Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Princess Wedding

The best wedding reception I've seen so far. Resort Maria is set in the backwaters in Allepey. The houseboats, the traditional boat race and the 'kuttanadu kayalile' song has tempted me from such a long time to visit this place. And I had been invited before but couldn't make it due to other plans. But this one was just unavoidable. Couldn't attend the wedding but I thought the reception would be just formal with a toast and a couple of thank-you notes and then maybe food as they are christians. But I was totally overwhelmed and have crowned Dr. Thomas (the bride's father) the most cool and happening dad of the year!! As we had reached the resort early we were just waiting for the couple and the families to arrive .The waiting went on for seconds and minutes and then there was the sound of a million crackers being burst up on air. Beautiful. The houseboat kept moving forward and the crackers went on bursting and the third most glamorous thing was the the 'chenda-mela' being played on the top of the boat. The whole team were standing above and playing it live. It was like a 'puram'. And after the beautiful reception, the bride and groom entered and were seated on a panthal!! They had a hindu marriage with just the garlands and the 3 rounds and the honey and bananas. Let me remind you... they both are Christians. I've never seen such a way of celebrating before. Not a hindu wedding with all the customs but just the main ones. Infact Dr. was a little tensed and kept looking at me to check if what they were doing was in the right way or not. When on stage, Dr. was asked to do the toast and instead of champagne, the drink was substituted for 'karikku' water :D It was absolutely fantabulous and I really don't have words to express this reception. Like I mentioned before ,I usually never sing for weddings, or receptions or any kind of personal celebrations but this one was just unavoidable. I ,as per Dr.'s request sang Madhuraikyu pogathedee, Sutrum vizhi, Valkannezhuthi with Gopan uncle and the last but the best Paarthu mudhalnaale with Dr. himself. He went completely out of track at the ending bit and I just went laughing on stage forever. But he never feels bad. The party was catered by Naushad and the starters included crabs, lobsters, prawns, octopus, chicken. duck and for vegetarians just paneer! I just couldn't have anything .Had lots of deserts though. It was a great party anyways...and Rose definitely did have a princess wedding!


N-StylE said...
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kaunquest said...

gosh! I miss home, i miss weddings.. feasts! :)

Neha Sasikumar said...

Nitish, it would be very kind of you to select alternate ways to tell me that.