Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Other Side

Often we tend to sympathize the sufferer. What about the other side?
Situation 1 : A criminal is being hanged to death. Of course limelight is given to the victim. Have we wondered what the hangman goes through?
Situation 2 :A rape victim being tried. Habituated, we obviously think of who performed this horrendous act and how he should be punished or what compensation should be given to the victim.We never think about what caused the man to rape the victim. Survey says that women themselves are responsible for 60% of the rape cases taking place.
Situation 3:Now if we have a witness for a murder scene(For eg. the Jessica Lal case) .The witness,according to the law is asked to assemble in order to speak out the truth.In many cases we notice that the witness happens to shy away from revealing the truth. So all of us jump ahead saying the witness should be punished, he is cruel,heartless,useless,etc. But we seldom think about what the witness is going through. Put yourself in the position of the witness. Would you actually go up and speak the truth? Would you even assemble at the court? It is very obvious that our personal decisions never remain personal and are always influenced by our friends,relatives,or our dearest ones.And remember 'Practice what you preach'.Ciao!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Chocolates!!! Yuuuuuuuuum......Imagine if factories stopped producing chocolates one bright morning? No chocolate cakes, ice creams, juices..just nothing.Ok.. here beings the story of : Evolution of chocolates. Cacao , the evegreen trees in the rainforests of South Africa are the initial ingridient that was used to prepare chocolate. Infact these seeds were used as currency like two beans could buy a pumpkin and four could purchase a rabbit!

If I was the president I would have employed each and every unemployed person on earth, I would have eradicated chickun gunia by inventing an anti-gunia drug, would have made a house for each beggar on the street, would have kept my country clean and would have made each indian an literate. That's what everyone says. So do I. So I decided to take my initial step by keeping my house clean :) Not a bad start at all.

The other day I had been to Ambrosia, a famous hang out for youngsters. Just beside it I saw this grotisque poster next to the parlour. It said something like 'He is in pain and i suffer'.It was the day for those who were struck by the Alzheimer's. I feel so blessed and infact just smacked my head for cribbing for not getting a new keychain for my bed room key.
Qouted by an unknown author.. 'Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain'.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yu Saja Chand

OK...finally I've uploaded my video.The organizers wanted a variety piece so i thought of singing a ghazal with my own aalap.It's a ghazal originally composed by Ghulam Ali and sung by Asha ji.The aalap in the beginning is something I added on to give it a better start.The video is a little vague because it was shot through my cell.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I'll be writing about a couple of things today. To begin with, being a first year at The Maharaja's Womens' college it's just been only a few days since I've got out of all the hype at the place of admission .To be more precise, the office. I was waiting for my turn at the office along with another 500 who were waiting there for the same cause.I thought I'll go and check the list they have put .Towards the end of the list ,four names were written all of which were SCST and in brackets it was also mentioned that they were exempted from giving the aptitude test .Aren't we all trying to forget about the fact that castes exist. Well we indians say that we have to remove castes and religion in order to live more happily. On the other hand we help the SCST's by making their job easier. Do they become another species just by being an SCST, because if they can be given admission by getting exempted from the aptitude test then why can't I ? The matter here is not about justice. I will only be proud to be selected because of my marks and qualifications, but aren't we people responsible for increasing the problems instead of working towards the solution. By helping the SCST groups aren't we try to make it more visible that they do exist. That shows we still do have castes prevailing everywhere. If they are treated the same just like the 'normal' castes , I don't think we would be struggling for removing castism out of our country. All problems are connected.

September 14 , 2007 .I turn eighteen today. A Major.I've got voting rights. My signature will be valued.I am a responsible girl today. Happy birthday to me!

P.S. : SCST are Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Immortal issues

Well,I really dislike debating over common topics but there are some issues you just cant ignore or rather are too provoking.Well I've witnessed so many arguements on whether love marriage is more applicable than arranged. Another famous topic for discussion is whether uniforms are to be initiated in colleges. Then we've got the Nobel award winning topic: If men are smarter than women.
I was wondering the other day if men are more egoistic than women.I don't know if i am right by saying that half of the time,women compromise because they have digested the fact that men can never get emotional and can never fall at our feet (implied only majority and not all ).And yes,we have seen the upgrade of the women community by eminent leaders and all but still don't you think somewhere we women -atleast indian women do follow our tradition and have learnt to adjust and compromise on the silliest of the matter.The point i want to stress here is that women compromise first.This does not refer to just romantic relationships,could be something between siblings,parents,or even friends.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Who are to be blamed?

People say that the government is responsible for everything and anything happening in our country and to be precise , all the wrong happenings.We chose the government so aren't we suppose to be a part of those wrong happenings which take place.Anywayz I am not beating around the bush ,we have people debating on social issues whether the Govt. or the citizens themself are responsible for the condition of our present India.All of us know that we as citizens have responsibility towards the country's economic development. But back to square one , who is going to bell the cat ?

I really dont think people dislike talking on social issues. Its not that we are ignorant , we just know as a person we can't really change things.And being an Ex-NRI, I have loved social service cos I knew India needed that desperately.Being a member of the NSS ,I have seen so many parents being hesitant to send their children to clean roads ,or help build houses..cos they are worried about them getting sick ,cutting classes.Who ll want to risk their childrens' lives for the sake of keeping the country clean but yes they wouldn't mind risking for a few marks in their exams(being a member of NSS , you get additional marks). Who are to be blamed?

Maybe the first few days you can see people on the roads cleaning ,but it never becomes a habit.We've read in books ,watched so many footages ,tell me one person whose actually felt like making it happen rather than voicing their opinion each and every time about the same problem. And we better find someone to bell the cat before it gets too late!