Thursday, December 27, 2007

Taare Zameen Par

Every child is special.And Aamir Khan has potrayed it so well in the movie.It's funny when we realise small things through movies. Many a times we fail to sync with the minds of people who are close to us.You really can't blame parents for the failure of their children.They invest so much into their child's upbringing that the efforts put by them are priceless.But for few parents, the equation does not balance because they ignore or forget to mix the right combination of elements. To tap out one's hidden talent is one of the most difficult task of today, worse than mugging up historical dates.

When I showed a spark in singing at 4, my dad felt I required a bit of polishing.And hence I joined for music lessons. Knowledge was being imparted, sustained, practiced and performed. Then came a phase where I was given a choice to choose my career line.My parents were very keen on me choosing music as my main stream .Just like how a doctor gets his MBBS deg. and an engineer his Btech, I decided that mine demanded one too. With the blessings of my gurus I stepped into the world of divine music.And if I wouldn't be a singer I would have been a journalist cos I love writing.And that's the precise reason for 'Musically yours' being alive today :D

Hope parents are able to receive the shadows of their child's talents cos we can't keep having Aamir Khan to show us the stars shine above ;-)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kairali Christmas Episode

The X'mas special episode will be telecasted today from 2:30 pm (IST)on Kairali . The song I have done is based on a mixture of Jog raag and Nattai.Do check it out. They have other singers like Sriram sir(ofcourse),Rimi Tomy, Sayonara also featuring it.

The campus participation episode of Airtel Starwars will be telecasted on the 1st of January 2008 (if any changes will let you know) at 7:30 pm (IST) in Kairali.The song sung by us was Rapadi with a few improvisations. Don't miss out Sriram's comments.Ciao!

Monday, December 24, 2007

My running nose is getting worse day by day..looks like it's all set to run for the marathon :D And the medicines i am taking three times a day are apparently hunger-inducing types. So I guess I'll hit a century if I continue with a diet of this kind. Meanwhile having an awesome time in Oman. Lot of memories refreshed and many yet to be refreshed.Had great plans of recording songs and uploading them at surmitr,but in vain.

The weather is pretty unpredictable nowdays.The mornings can get as hot as me :) and in the evenings we can expect a fraction of the Niagra falls.And it has to be this weather change that initiated the cold in me.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a properous New Year

Friday, December 21, 2007

Human Gods are becoming very prominent and an influential part of a common man. People have become blind in human induced powers.They preach and capture the minds of people and the rest becomes history.I don't really know how much of it is non fiction.But it's very hard for me to accept a human God.It's not about the evidence of the presence of supernatural powers , but the fact that they are just humans , like you and me.My mom had told me that when we are in despair , we tend to believe in things that can give us relief when we are indubitable about medical/ financial failure.I met this person who had a marriage failure get into the school of kalki cos of his depression.In a way it was good that he chose that cos once he joined he happened to wed again, gain a promotion and is now a father.He believes it all to be the blessings of the kalki representative or in other words God.

People have many alternatives when they are surrendered to depression.Some choose alcoholic pleasure, meditation, the others decide to venture heaven and few leave it to fate. But with the commencement of Human Gods into the society , irrespective of the levels,the trend is gradually changing. Like how coffee has beaten the alcohol trend Human gods have begun to encroach upon the hearts of millions. Not getting into the pros and cons of the matter I wonder if this will continue to be a perpetual attraction.

As of now ..just landed in Oman (Muscat)- the place that shaped my childhood.Will be here for sometime.With a running nose..I think updating my audio blog will take another week's time. Merry X'mas

Friday, December 14, 2007

Curiosity and assumptions

Why do humans classify aliens superior to us? It's just an assumption, but why a negative one? Everything has always been stamped through an assumption.Aliens are big creatures ,three fingered, with metal base uniforms, scary eyes, and are highly intellectual which do not match a human brain. Sometimes told as insect-like species who have webbed fingers and has a glow-in-the-dark skin.They come in space ships and their purpose for commencing into earth is to encroach upon it. Says who?This is one dilemma yet to be solved.

We have movies like Independence day and ET where the former potrays aliens as beasts who are born for destroying human and their inventions, and the latter where aliens can be a simple friend. Aliens could be something which cannot be seen and only heard. Or could be something felt. Honey bees can view colours we can't cos of their compound eyes. Probably they can see aliens. Humans have always been preaching themselves as the most powerful ones after God, ofcourse because of the booming technology we have.Then in that case we should probably consider aliens as a friendly creature who can probably help us out in knowing things we are yet to discover.We are suppose to be prepared and equiped with technology good enough to fight the aliens but should never be afraid of something which has not been proved to be living in the universe.And we have the great cinema which can guide us/mislead us into curiosity of such creatures.It would certainly be wonderful to have aliens living with us.

Now I have to run for another shoot for 3 days..will update you with that as soon as I am back. Ciao!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Airtel Starwars

Just got back from my three day shoot at Cochin. The sets were just out of the world..that itself got us working harder.Initially mixing with the other colleges were a little hard cos each one was treating the other one as aliens, but representing the women's college, Trivandrum , attracted a lot of eyeballs .After the long 5 hour journey, the food served was like adding salt to injury.But once we commenced with the practice sessions it was totally rocking.It was pure competition .Even while rehearsing the opposition teams were 'acting' ignorant when we were on full swing.The rooms we were given for staying too were pretty big. It was like a dormitory.In the night we had a complete 'girls day out' in the room.

4 hours of sleep is what we got.With yawning faces ,Monday morning was expected to be tiring and hectic.Reaching the venue at sharp 7:30 made our lives easier as we got to get the dancers ready for their performance.After the dance sessions, we had the music sessions at around 8 in the night.We were performing Raapadi from 'Ente Suryaputhri' ,composed by Illayraja sir.Screaming our lungs out we were completely dead by the end of the day.The only relief we got were the pastries we got to have from the bakery.One of the dancers, Richu was celebrating her b'day today. So we got her a surprise cake to make the trip more merrier.

4 hours of sleep reduced to 3 and a half and with yawning faces ,we again made it this time but at 8 to the'Bright studios'.Gulped down the so called 'breakfast' and rushed for recording.When we had decided on singing Raapadi during our screening, many objected because they felt we could sing something more classical(being music students). So with negative response from our fellow students we went ahead with the song and made it upto today.But it was different this time. We had some improvisations done.Added few sargams and aalaps and made it look versatile.Our mentor, Unni sir, was very adamant about making improvisations because out of the 4 colleges who were taking part ,we are the only college which have a music department.Sriram sir went completely gaga over our performance for two obvious reasons:one-his wife is one of the aluminis of our college,and two,we perfomed fantabulously well (which my sixth sense told me even before we performed).Infact what completely impressed Sriram sir were those extra stuffs we added on .Will soon upload the video into my video blog. After extracting awesome marks from the judges, we had to come first :) and the second round will be held somewhere in Jan.The Airtel Starwars is shown everyday from 7:30 to 8:30 on Kairali tv.Will update you guyz about the telecasting of our episode. Till then catch a few pics of the shoot at snapshots(my photo blog).

*yawn* Need some sleep desperately :D

Thursday, December 6, 2007

In the midst of my rehearsals, I had to commit myself to something I've been looking forward to for a long time- my home.When architect Shankar entered all he said was 'cute' and spoke about the positive energy he experienced when he got inside.After having a look at the house on a whole I told him about the extensions I intended to make.It's alwayz been my dream to have a 'musical room' and with Shankar full of innovative plans , I was all set to make my dream come true at any cost.

Shankar's ideas are alwayz expensive but brilliant.He wanted to blend Indian designs with the country ones.I was a little hesitant cos I felt that making a home is not like doing a 'jugalbandhi' in musical terms.So he kept thinking and I kept refusing.Then came the master plan(It was a vision I had at that point)- having steps commencing after the bedroom into the entrance of my musical room.With the Veena on the side and the sony system right at the centre and the perfect combination of furniture and curtains my dream would come into existance.And when the guests arrive they can park their vehicles in the underground parking space and not to forget the swing at the right hand corner of the sloping lawn!He said everything is possible if money is not a problem.And I smiled :)I just wished I had a magic wand.

All goes well that ends well.. so if everything ends well you may get the chance to view it at snapshots.At present I am just hunting for some musical names for my home.Some names thats crossed my mind were Geet,Sargam, Surmitr, Sangam ,Meghmalhar, Andolika.Do suggest some names..till then ciao!