Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jab we met

I was pretty cool about travelling alone for a long span of time, but mum was nervous cos she thinks I can't manage myself not only travelling, just anything. So here I convinced her into allowing me to travel alone for once in my life.After a hectic schedule I started with my packing and ended it with a relaxed oil bath. Grabbed something to eat and rushed to catch my bus.My cousin was all nervous and even spoke to the people sitting behind me about my destination and stuff. Finally the giant locomotive started moving and I got comfortable listening to my ipod.After half an hour I just slept off only to be waken up by this dude.
I have alwayz fancied having a 'hum tum' guy next to me when I am travelling alone and then we become great friends and like they say couples are made in heaven :)But this dude just can't come anywhere near the 'hum tum' types.I first thought he was the conductor cos he asked me to show my boarding pass (I hav'nt seen conductors wearing uniforms in a volvo bus).I showed my boarding pass and he asked me if I had a problem with him sitting beside me . For obvious reasons I agreed .It didn't even take him five minutes to get comfortable and there ....Zzzzzz.Then it self my 'hum tum' dream broke down and remained a fantasy.I had to accept the bitter truth that filmy stories are a fiction.Then he woke up in the next fifteen minutes and vigorously started calling someone. When that person didn't attend the call, he started sending messages. Then someone called and he started speaking about weather ..some plot he wanted to buy..and some people he had to meet.He was so random.As it was freezing I was trying to adjust my shawl when my hand by mistakely brushed past his.He was completely taken aback and started behaving like a touch-me-not plant.

I was completely relieved when I got down at my stop..I was happy about the conclusion of those 6 hours of hell.I'll rather go watch Jab we met and satisfy myself.Fantasies never work.

P.S. Have updated my picture blog with sunset pics and my shoot for Xpat Asia.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Diwali gift

Though belated.. here is my Diwali gift to all my blog viewers. A special treat for all of you. I have uploaded one of my audios which you can view here:
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Hope you enjoy it...
Happy Diwali once again

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Media exposes or exploits?

Source of Information : Media

When people claim that they are being secured by a democratic system , I am still in doubt of whether monarchy would be a better option. Someone said that democrats often hesitate in voicing their opinion because of the influence of money. With the Tehelka exposing the naked truths of the Gujrat carnage, people are still trapped in a tumult atmosphere. With Modi under fire and Bajrungi under threats, looks like India is shaping up well. What made Bajrungi speak? That too at a point when the Musilms were exchanging their Eid delicacies with the Diwali sweets.Tehelka openly said that their quest for truth were not intended to arouse an war in the next elections but to revive the essence of human rights. We actually needed Tehelka to remind us of our rights . Shame.

'Practice what you preach'-Seven bollywood actors under cop scanner and actors were having a jolly time playing a match organised by the underworld.They are the stars we idealise , admire, to some extent even follow their footsteps.And since Bollywood promotes social welfare, should definately make it a point to avoid scandals because public is their strength and fear- the beginning of their lives and the end of their destiny. For the Bachans Rs. 170000 room for the bahu's birthday bash is hardly the amount required for their gardening.But I guess they had to pay off a lot of bills at the Taj because when they were questioned by the Tax Department on ofcourse non-payment of tax Big B was spell bound.Looks like Big B's all set to play black from reel to real.

P.S. Happy Diwali :)