Monday, March 31, 2008

March marching out!

March has not yet marched out and I have already started getting April fool messages. This whole thing reminds me of the kind of pranks we used to play on our teachers and friends. Once, the Rasna pack used to offer some free pranksters and then on,it was a total hit. It just works, however bold you are those slimy rubber stuff just happens to freak us out.The fun to have your victim falling prey to it! priceless. But I never could click a photo of any victimized prey of mine to cherish for my semantic memory ..can't count on it at all! March marching out also implies the commencement of exams. This time , for a change ,I won't be subjected to any exam fever cos I am pretty used to it. And since my books have remained untouched in the shelf for past so many months ,it's going to be hard to get used to picking up a book from the shelf and referring to it. Something not in the regular timetable. It's going to be a lil different this time as I have never written exams in India. And I got a lil querulous when someone was telling me it is luck that you require..especially with the Kerala University apparently. Now how big is lady luck's smile to me is something which I will have to see in the coming one year. All the best to everyone who are going to attempt their exams this year..and for those who are going to fall prey tomorrow :) Adios

Friday, March 28, 2008


Just happened to watch the movie unknowingly. Well it shows that life isn't a bed of roses especially for the media circle and also put me into thinking about how the biggies live their life in peace. It was so irritating to watch the paparazzi after Cole Hauser who played the lead actor in the movie. And though it was just a movie it got me agitated and I really wished for the truth not to win ,indirectly. I have written about this before too ,i.e. the media who claim to be exposing are most of the time just exploiting. Ofcourse there has been a lot of exaggeration in the movie ,but to some extent media can get annoying. Maybe we need to go through it personally to digest it. To have you followed all the time , the way you walk, talk, eat ,behave ,my.. that's mollifying. The freedom and the life one is forced to give up is almost like a curse. Then the alternatives chosen like having extra mobiles and bodyguards and a life which is sealed externally..all such a nightmare. Always bothered about how you look and behave and think before you leap each time, boy! that's as good as being a vegetable. I heard that Ishant Sharma could'nt celebrate Holi with his family cos he was deterred by the thought of media and for Sreesanth , that guy has been in news for quite some time making history with hotty celebs and shake-a-legs. And with his Transitional Meditation (Wotever :P), thanks to the media once again , I am so proud to see a Keralite as a hot shot celeb! (No Sarcasm at all :I)

Trust me guys, enjoy being a no one :D

Thursday, March 27, 2008


It's just superlative! Was totally awed by them. On an average this genius takes four hours to complete a fingerpainting . And the second one took him ten hours to complete, cos it takes both the hands. Unfortunately the mail content didn't disclose the name of this painter. Do any of you have any clue regarding the artist? I had received a mail inclusive of amazing graphic works. But this one attracted my eyeballs cos it was hand done. And to have it natural makes it even more special and beautiful. Kudos to 'D' genius!
These are my favourites. To view more of these kinds, go here

A Zebra

An Eagle

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It all started at the dining where all of us were recollecting those wonderfull family trip memories. The discussion commenced with me sharing the Veega Land experience with all of them present there. And then the next obvious discussion was where was the next picnic destination to be planned. I've been to Essel World just once when I was really young..and the agony that clawed me cos of inadmissable to most of the biggie rides made me want to go there once more. So while I was persuading my mum about going to Essel World aunty happened to ask which one is the best amusement park in India. According to my knowledge I said that Veega Land is the best in the South and Essel World in the North. Then suddenly recollecting my geography, I made a correction saying that the latter is in the South.. so that makes it the best in India and the former, second. Then started the hot arguements among me and my aunties. The debate was whether Maharastra forms the Northern or the southern part of India. But I felt I had learnt something like the state being a part of South India though it is mistook by a lot of people of it being a Northern part cos of the Bollywood and so on. I would want to know if Maharastra forms the Southern part or the Northern part of India. I felt it would be wiser if I got genuine comments than googling it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Indeed! Having a sqandering memory, I am in the midst of the making of a retard! Yesterday, mom had to go out to collect some documents from the bank, so I was home alone for a couple of hours .Then I got a phone call from a family friend who wanted to speak to my mom directly and instead of passing on a message, asked for mom's number. Now ,my mobile was getting charged upstairs..and whatever I did I just could not remember her number. Infact, to be honest, I never had memorized her number ever cos I always had my cell to look at. And all I could do was ask that lady at the phone to wait.Now that is shamefull.

With electronic storage materials booming around everywhere.. it has become extremely convenient to remember just anything under the sun. I do have this 'things to do' gadget on the right hand side of my laptop which helps me in remembering things! And thanks to my mobile reminders without which I would have become an alzheimer's patient. But I am sure someday these gadgets will be responsible for my already deteriorating memory. I feel so bad when I have to make these gadgets remind me of my day to day stuffs. Though it's really easy and stress free :) But I think it's time we need to stop relying on these and instead trust our brains which will never malfunction except for exceptions. I am going to increase my general am going to head for the Headlines Today for a change! CIAAAAAOOOOOOOO!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tourist horror

Scarlett's case has been pretty appalling. And it feels bad to have a fifteen year old teen get strangled into a web of awful incidents. Everyday with new people starring in the news headlines, including the latest entry of her Indian boyfriend, Julio Lobo, spectators have got a new dekho for timepass. And for Fiona ,it's a bundle of problems lined up which will take a helluva time to deal with. Recently , I have been seeing a lot of tourist promotion ads of Goa, after the negative limelight it has attained. Scarlett wouldn't have even thought that her thrilling holiday would turn into a nightmare, especially when she had a big family to take care of her. All this makes me a little suttle when I think about what life has kept for us in the near future. And also makes me thing about how safe are girls in the future. That does freak me.

RIP sire

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Astro-facts

This is with regard to the 'man made fate' post I had written a couple of days back. I received quite a lot of comments regarding this. I haven't said that astrology is a wrong thing and that astrologers are just making profits by trying their luck. There is a lot of study and research done on this subject. And whatever I am going to write today will be about things I have pondered about all my life...and nothing that is googled. Atleast for the meanwhile.

Jinu, a blogger had commented that 'there are some cheap souls trying to make money out of this talking about heavenly bodies and their angular tilt'.Now, as far as I know..this is a sensitive issue which is highly debatable but there are certain truths which have to be accepted though they might seem to be mythical and hallucinatory. Many of you must have returned unhappy after a visit to an astrologer's place. Perhaps because he said something about your fate ..that is unlucky for you or whatever. For some .. the astrologer must have played around with your dreams ,for example, he must have said that you will practice law when your studying medicine. Note , here I am talking about astrologers who are experienced enough.I was invited to sing for this Astrologers meet in Trissur and happened to meet scholars who majored at this subject. One Mr. Ravunni , a professor in astrology who is still in the midst of his research was sharing a lot of interesting facts during the meet. He said that astrologers can't be too precise about one's profession, life expectancy, emotional issues( like love/arranged marriage) ,how far one dasa will control,etc. He said ,an obvious reason could be that when a child is born, and the horoscope is made for him/her, time of birth is the most dominant factor taken into consideration. And even a minute's variation could change the whole thing. Now the question is when should the time of birth be recorded? When the baby's head is seen..or when the baby is seperated from it's mother by cutting the ambilical chord? A very argumentative doubt. This can only be sorted after 30 years when it is experimented on 4-5 children. Some nurses are very reckless while noting down the time of birth especially during the night shifts. Who knows..she could record it few minutes after the exact time. So this and many more factors contribute to one's fate.

Well astrology is true to some extent and let's leave it there. But if it is necessary for you to have an horoscope check every week on how your things will go..then maybe you should have a check with whether your parents horoscope is compatible with yours. And I am sure that if your horoscope for the day says that 'wear red. It is your lucky colour today' , you might indiscreetly wear everything that is red, leave alone being similiar to red! and what if the same horoscope asked you to 'run away from home. Your kith and kin could kill you'..would you then think of eloping?

Rains...and I

The unpredicted rains in Kerala have again brought the farmer-suicide issues back. And it feels obnoxious to have all this start over again. Not getting into the geographical side, it is indeed an irritation to do anything at all in the rains. Especially when they are least expected. Spoiled my shopping the other day and messed up a lot of things I was looking forward to. But I love the rains .. totally! maybe cos I was almost rain deprived in that desert I used to live in. That's why each time it rains , for me it's like a lap of luxury. But for some it could be perplexing.Now there is absolutely nothing I can do about the rains .. so listening to Soona Soona from Classically mild.. I am just going to enjoy my cup of coffee.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Man made fate

The planets ,the stars, the revolving earth and so on contribute in some way ,the patterns of our growth in life. They say , Lord Brahma, the creator draws the fate line for a living thing ,once written can never be changed. There are many who read 'Today's Horoscope' regularly to see their future ,perhaps succinctly, in the present itself. Some work ,some are just utter rubbish. Let me tell you ..I used to subscribe for this magazine which was issued on weekly basis only for it's horoscope. And trust me has always worked. Being a hindu its is a natural thing for my parents to look into my horoscope once in a while to see if I will rule a kingdom or if I will land up cornered at the streets. My friend and I were discussing on this sensitive issue and he was telling me that if astrology was considered a major priority in life ,shouldn't we have to look into our own parent's and sibling's horoscope as to see if we can get along with them. And mind you what if the stars don't match? or what if the zodiac sign seems to be totally rebellious to each other? ...that should probably commence a divorce system within the family. Then maybe the lawyers would be having a great time looking at their 'money line' grow wierdly long in their horoscope. Aah! funny are life and it's ways.

So many marriages are bond on the basis of the horoscope system. Some make records and some form a part of the failures. If the newly married bride brings in a casket of happiness , everyone has the time only to praise and rejoice over the lucky bride. Whereas on the other side if she is reponsible for the boy's failure in everything he does then *whoa* the horoscope is forgotten to be blamed and instead the girl gets the inevitable tag. When asked to an astrologer about how the other religions manage successfull marriages without the star check and everything. He said ..'ya that is a question shot at us frequently.. all we have to say is .. the planets will do their job'.


And the horoscope topic has become more than ever important in the history of media after the much spoken about wedding of the year: Abhi-Ash wedding, where she is a 'manglik' which was supposedly considered a reason for Abhishek's could-be-death and fall in career.And after getting Ash married to three trees and gifting the diety anklets made of gold and wotnot , it was accepted as a wedding that should work for ever.Whether it is true or not ,if things were so easy , we should probably find solutions to fight death. Or maybe poverty, literacy, unemployment, scarcity of water and phew! the list goes on....More than blindly believing in horoscopes ,we should believe in ourselves. Our planets move according to our minds. It's the working of a subconscious mind. If we are positive inside ,we tend to work positively and that reflects in our attitude and work.I am not anyone to comment on the power of astrology. But one thing is for sure, we won't gain anything by being a pessimist. You should dominate your fate line. Dream your lives and live your dreams. If you are clear on what is your happiness then all you need to do is put in some sincere hardwork without any ill feelings about your plans and ofcourse the prayers that will never go unanswered. And see what magic it does. And anytime you get demotivated.. stick a picture of yourself on the wall and smash it with a stress ball until you are convinced of killing that coward within you. Wishing all of you a wake up call to your new fate line, i.e. creating one yourself, I am signing off for the mean while. Ciao!

Name It!

Yes, I finally decided to change the name. Didn't find Musically yours too appropriate for this blog cos write about music related things and a lot of other happenings too in my blog. And hence it is not subjected to only music-related issues, though everything is eventually connected to music. Since I do write on a lot of versatile topics ,I felt Word for a Word would be the right one. Feedback appreciated.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Aah! right now listening to O humdum gives me that youthfull vigor. The name hunt for the ARR club has started given me nightmares. Ofcourse a whole lot of names poured in ,some meaningfull, some really lame and some precise enough for the club. With all the voting going on ,I had people arguing with me about the names I had chosen for the final voting poll. I had a person who scrapped me saying we should have a malayali name cos we represent Kerala and that the Keralites could probably create an issue over not keeping a malayali name.I was like.. WOT??? I mean why do we have to bring community, religious, or state clashes? I mean don't we all represent India? The fan club represents the whole of India .. and we are planning to function globally.

Chak De! had this beautiful message passed on about the hockey team representing India. Every captain representing their states were showing off their state game rules and ego. And it was so overwhelming to see SRK say that 'we represent India and that if you want to have it your way ,go and play with your state team'. The mindset is something like old habits die hard. Even today we have time only to spare for whether Kerala is more literate or Chennai or whether the north makes better business men than the south and wotnot. At times the spirit is fun and can get agressive after a certain level.

We should think globally and it's not that no one wants to, but, a lot of factors are accountable to this kind of a mind set.It's a habitual thing to put states in comparison with each other ofcourse apart from the sensex and census and other surveys. It's infact fun to see who is leading especially when your from a 'well-of' state. But wouldn't it be even more merrier to have us see the progress of India in comparison to another country or a continent altogether. Maybe that way we could step further from being a third world country. I mean after all it's small drops that make an ocean. And instead of alleging the Govt. all day long , we should pass on this message. Passing the message once would be as bad as learning Trigo in 10th (but I still do remember it..and btw I love math!), so we need to put those reminders to refreshen those with a semantic memory. Oh another important thing for avoiding memory loss people , is to have a shut eye :D.. G'nite for now..

Friday, March 14, 2008

ARR Fanz Club Name - Voting

Ok...finally coming to the voting day ,today, I want all of you to vote for the best name. And before voting remember..this is not a musical team.. but it will hopefully hold a lot of musical shows in the near future along with social service, etc. So choose the name accordingly.

It was totally fun doing this name hunt. And some of the names that were suggested were Live life, Mantra, Octaves, Changing lives, Elixir, Magnanimous voices, Om, Beads of life, White shadows(@ Anish) and a whole lot more. One even suggested Jingle bells !! :D

But my favourites are Breathe Life and Mantra. Please vote among the two in the COMMENT SPACE below. And if you've got something better that suits the club , go ahead and post it. Why I chose this was cos I felt it leaves an illuminating circle of light around it. Besides it suits just anything and everything we want to do. Though a lot of people did go against Mantra for being a little too common .. I still love it.So guys.. the ball's in your court.. go ahead vote !!

P.S. Click here to have a look at the ARR fan club community. But vote here.

ARR T-shirt made by the Chennai team.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

10,000 B.C.

I was procrastinating for the past three-four days on whether to watch this movie or not. Eventually I did get the tickets and I watched the movie.Camera work is fantabulous ofcourse but the english spoken was something of an mixed accent.Half the time the characters were whispering and my ,the hero is one person to check out! The girl's not bad too :) The giant mammoths, some vulture like creatures and the one and only tiger was pretty cool. The story isn't too impressive but the sets..the gradual change of the icy plains to the scorchy heat mountains..I kept wondering what would they do to quench their thirst when they are deprived of water.And half the time I was discussing about their their earrings, neck beautifiers ..all made of stones. Each time the characters gave a friendly hug , all of us kept pondering about how one tolerates the other's foul odor. Aah! how I value my Dior.Some of the craziest thoughts that kept trespassing my mind was like - what if they ran out of water , or what if they wanted to attend the nature's call in the middle of a sand dune or what will they do if they are handcuffed in a dungeon forever.Anyways I liked the hair styling..something funky enough to get into fashion.OK..time to hit the sack.. tiaaaaaaaaa

P.S. Couldn't find a suitable title for this pic so caption this.
Test your creative skills :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Women's day

Another year and yet another Women's Day. And all the media got to show was poor women living in slums, women working for less wages than men and mind you.. the same amount of work. A footage on a teen who was ditched by her husband after giving birth to his baby was also shown. Oh! even if it's something I see like everyday, to see it on a celeberation that to the Women's Day celebrations makes me feel flummoxed. It's appalling to see the tantamount situation each year which just makes it better by getting retrogressed.Waking up to a bright morning only to see the faces of a shoddily shaped women sector.Ofcourse it's not that we can't do anything about it. The list of culprits are way too long and it's unfair to blame it all on them.

Today in college we had a music theraphy session where Dr. Suvarna was explaining us about the importance of musical healing in our life. She showed us a profile picture of the human body in which rays of light were interepreted,in the picture ,in the form of colours.Beggining with the white shade depicting the sun's ray.The white shade is then followed by the VIBGYOR.Out of this I will explain the impact of colour green and red. The colour green falls on the chest of the human body and to be precise the colour has an illuminous impact on the female body. The Green of the VIBGYOR represents mother earth and the warmth that her child inherits. Whereas Red falls under the abdomen cos of which sexual instincts are born. Excess of which produces the animal instinct in a human. Leads to obvious crimes like theft, rapes, murders,etc. Through musical theraphy they are trying to raise the level to the brain which is embraced by the Violet colour which will lead us to salvation.The presentation was followed by a musical session by Bhuvaneshwari who commenced the concert with a sloka in Nattai ragam followed by a keethanam in Charukesi.

The two extremes of women-the successfull and the less successfull have to be analysed so as to raise the level of humanity and not only achieve the 33% of legislatures.There was this debate on NDTV on the status of women. And each time I found all the ladies arguing about men stopping them from going to work. And the women CEOs said that they would prefer a man working for them cos they are too impatient too tolerate a woman's tantrums.Tantrums or responsibilities? Not too sure about which word to use in terms of debate. If women cannot tolerate women..then who will? Maybe we should be more flexible and should stop thinking self centered. Anyways to make this a happy ending like OSO :) here's a forward ..

"A woman has strengths that amaze men. She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens. She holds happiness, love, and opinions. She smiles when she feels like screaming.She sings when she feels like crying, cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid.Her love is unconditional! .... there is only one problem with her, she sometimes forgets what she is worth. Happy Women's Day!"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A busy week. Beginned with the AIKKTAN last sunday.It was all of a sudden.I and my parents were in the midst of doing a lot of incomplete work. And since dad was leaving to Oman the next day, he had to get them done asap.On the way he just met up with Vidyadharan master who offered me 2 songs for the award night.The main singers were Chitra Iyer and Afsal.I was completely nervous and unprepared. Everything was fine until I was asked to sing Minsarakanna (Padayappa) by the orchestra head.I was so unprepared , besides I was only fluent with the female portion and I was asked to sing it solo :)Well with God's grace I got my friend to mail me the lyrics in english which helped me a lot !! With 3 hours left for the show to begin, I was frantically learning yeh mera dil , the second song given to me.Then whatever happened after that was like a roller coaster ride. Freshened up-put on some war paint-got the file which contained the lyrics and ran to Nishagandhi auditorium, near the museum.It was really humid initially but later on cooled down.After a couple of songs by Chitra and Afsal, it was my turn.The show was covered by Jeevan but I have no clue when it will be telecasted.And some of the pics of the show have been uploaded in Snapshots.

Then I had to catch up with a lot of college work since my exams are approaching. And as march has marched in, it speaks of a season of exams and a lot of celebrations like , my very close friend celebrated her b'day on the 8th and so was Women's day.And as usual we got to see the dark side of this world showing women doing labour work which earns them low wages. They even had a footage done on a woman who was 'ditched' by her husband after she gave birth to her baby.Women's Day ofcourse beginned by wishing my friend and after that wishing all the womenfolk at my place, of which I didn't receive any back.But hey, no doubts.. I am a woman!

Today, Sunday, as usual , just boring.Was fiddling with my lappy when I met this friend of mine online who decided to enhance the A.R.Rahman community. We are planning to do more of social service and a lot of shows .The community is centered at Trivandrum.We are also holding a meeting this sunday. All are ofcourse invited. Interested members can mail me at ..I am in search of a good name for this club. Do suggest some !!

This evening I attended the Dreams'08 concert at Nishagandhi ,Kanakakunnu. Amazing. With Sreenivasan as the celebrity guest we had surprise guests like Unni Menon and Chitra Iyer too along with a couple of the reality show singers. Shradha, one of the Amrita Superdancer finalists did an amazing job. And Sreenivasan stole the show wid this 'pallavi only' session.. kinda unplugged which included numbers like ethreyo janmamayi , kaisi hai ye. Minsarakanna was his master piece and the OOo Lalala was superlative! Totally!! I had to leave the place by nine, so couldn't catch up with the rest. Hoping to perform with these biggies some day :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Power Puff gals!

Though women haven't got their 33% of the legislatures, there has been a growth somewhere else. Have you noticed about the reality shows? The trophies were always taken away by the male contestants. Infact female counterparts were hardly seen in the final three. And in one reality show , in the wild card episode we had the judges, especially the female one shouting her lungs out on how important it is for a woman to win and that they can sing as good as men and everything but fail to win due to lack of support through the sms. And obviously that contest was won by a male contestant. But now I see a small visible change. I'll explain through examples:
In the Amritha Superstars 2007-2008, Roopa ,so far is adjudged the best by the panel.And even through sms she is the public's favourite.
In the Amritha Superdancers the finalists were four girls. And obviously a girl won the show.
In the Lil' champs telecasted in ZEE Tv, the winner of that show is Anamika again a girl. Her counterparts were two boys.

We also have movies like Chak De! showing that strength is not the only thing required to win everything and that it's the strength of the mind and the will power.Today women can accomplish just anything.Well it's good to see women talent grooming up.There was a lot of debates on a female voice put to comparison with that of a male.But things have proved wrong.. and have reached a point where the men will have to be more carefull competing the women.And yes! it feels good to be a woman.