Friday, March 28, 2008


Just happened to watch the movie unknowingly. Well it shows that life isn't a bed of roses especially for the media circle and also put me into thinking about how the biggies live their life in peace. It was so irritating to watch the paparazzi after Cole Hauser who played the lead actor in the movie. And though it was just a movie it got me agitated and I really wished for the truth not to win ,indirectly. I have written about this before too ,i.e. the media who claim to be exposing are most of the time just exploiting. Ofcourse there has been a lot of exaggeration in the movie ,but to some extent media can get annoying. Maybe we need to go through it personally to digest it. To have you followed all the time , the way you walk, talk, eat ,behave ,my.. that's mollifying. The freedom and the life one is forced to give up is almost like a curse. Then the alternatives chosen like having extra mobiles and bodyguards and a life which is sealed externally..all such a nightmare. Always bothered about how you look and behave and think before you leap each time, boy! that's as good as being a vegetable. I heard that Ishant Sharma could'nt celebrate Holi with his family cos he was deterred by the thought of media and for Sreesanth , that guy has been in news for quite some time making history with hotty celebs and shake-a-legs. And with his Transitional Meditation (Wotever :P), thanks to the media once again , I am so proud to see a Keralite as a hot shot celeb! (No Sarcasm at all :I)

Trust me guys, enjoy being a no one :D


Vishnu Visakh S said...


i think u r rite....

Anonymous said...

even i ve seen the movie..there has been a lot of exaggeration in the movie at various situations altho it very well coveys wat it was meant to convey..'BE HAPPY WITH WHAT U ARE'!!