Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Women's day

Another year and yet another Women's Day. And all the media got to show was poor women living in slums, women working for less wages than men and mind you.. the same amount of work. A footage on a teen who was ditched by her husband after giving birth to his baby was also shown. Oh! even if it's something I see like everyday, to see it on a celeberation that to the Women's Day celebrations makes me feel flummoxed. It's appalling to see the tantamount situation each year which just makes it better by getting retrogressed.Waking up to a bright morning only to see the faces of a shoddily shaped women sector.Ofcourse it's not that we can't do anything about it. The list of culprits are way too long and it's unfair to blame it all on them.

Today in college we had a music theraphy session where Dr. Suvarna was explaining us about the importance of musical healing in our life. She showed us a profile picture of the human body in which rays of light were interepreted,in the picture ,in the form of colours.Beggining with the white shade depicting the sun's ray.The white shade is then followed by the VIBGYOR.Out of this I will explain the impact of colour green and red. The colour green falls on the chest of the human body and to be precise the colour has an illuminous impact on the female body. The Green of the VIBGYOR represents mother earth and the warmth that her child inherits. Whereas Red falls under the abdomen cos of which sexual instincts are born. Excess of which produces the animal instinct in a human. Leads to obvious crimes like theft, rapes, murders,etc. Through musical theraphy they are trying to raise the level to the brain which is embraced by the Violet colour which will lead us to salvation.The presentation was followed by a musical session by Bhuvaneshwari who commenced the concert with a sloka in Nattai ragam followed by a keethanam in Charukesi.

The two extremes of women-the successfull and the less successfull have to be analysed so as to raise the level of humanity and not only achieve the 33% of legislatures.There was this debate on NDTV on the status of women. And each time I found all the ladies arguing about men stopping them from going to work. And the women CEOs said that they would prefer a man working for them cos they are too impatient too tolerate a woman's tantrums.Tantrums or responsibilities? Not too sure about which word to use in terms of debate. If women cannot tolerate women..then who will? Maybe we should be more flexible and should stop thinking self centered. Anyways to make this a happy ending like OSO :) here's a forward ..

"A woman has strengths that amaze men. She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens. She holds happiness, love, and opinions. She smiles when she feels like screaming.She sings when she feels like crying, cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid.Her love is unconditional! .... there is only one problem with her, she sometimes forgets what she is worth. Happy Women's Day!"


PurpleHeart said...

Yea, she manages groceries n work, yet when u need her, she's around ! :)

Neha Nair said...

hehe.. the groceries part was cute..I was making it so complimented and you said it all so sweet and simple. Impressed !!

MM said...

Belated Wishes! Hope u had a blast!

Neha Nair said...

big time :D