Saturday, March 15, 2008


Aah! right now listening to O humdum gives me that youthfull vigor. The name hunt for the ARR club has started given me nightmares. Ofcourse a whole lot of names poured in ,some meaningfull, some really lame and some precise enough for the club. With all the voting going on ,I had people arguing with me about the names I had chosen for the final voting poll. I had a person who scrapped me saying we should have a malayali name cos we represent Kerala and that the Keralites could probably create an issue over not keeping a malayali name.I was like.. WOT??? I mean why do we have to bring community, religious, or state clashes? I mean don't we all represent India? The fan club represents the whole of India .. and we are planning to function globally.

Chak De! had this beautiful message passed on about the hockey team representing India. Every captain representing their states were showing off their state game rules and ego. And it was so overwhelming to see SRK say that 'we represent India and that if you want to have it your way ,go and play with your state team'. The mindset is something like old habits die hard. Even today we have time only to spare for whether Kerala is more literate or Chennai or whether the north makes better business men than the south and wotnot. At times the spirit is fun and can get agressive after a certain level.

We should think globally and it's not that no one wants to, but, a lot of factors are accountable to this kind of a mind set.It's a habitual thing to put states in comparison with each other ofcourse apart from the sensex and census and other surveys. It's infact fun to see who is leading especially when your from a 'well-of' state. But wouldn't it be even more merrier to have us see the progress of India in comparison to another country or a continent altogether. Maybe that way we could step further from being a third world country. I mean after all it's small drops that make an ocean. And instead of alleging the Govt. all day long , we should pass on this message. Passing the message once would be as bad as learning Trigo in 10th (but I still do remember it..and btw I love math!), so we need to put those reminders to refreshen those with a semantic memory. Oh another important thing for avoiding memory loss people , is to have a shut eye :D.. G'nite for now..


RaHmAnTiC FeLLa said...

Gudone !Im very much impressed with ur lines from "WOT?" nd after..well and now lemme click on da star in my orkut frens list :D

MM said...

I liked ur comment on nationality and regionalism.

its a shame that when we start doing something we tend to immediately set ourselves apart into clusters stating different issues and end up looking like a bunch of fools.