Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When I had a small chat with one of my friends from the media, having read my blog, felt that I'm critical about a lot of things. I agreed during the conversation but, partly, inside myself I disagreed because I always claimed to be a positive human being. But that is sort of contradictory to majority of my blog posts :) Soon after the chat I happened to scan through the archives and did realize how critical I have become of so many things !I was watching news channels today and realized that every half hour there would be some bad news reported. Martyrs being carted in garbage trucks, J Dey murder case, Mayawati's undignified silence on growing rape happenings , SFI clash at Kerala and what not... Invariably I end up blogging about some issue that boils my blood as this is my only platform to pelt my anger on.

Is life all about this ? I mean .. if there is so much of negativity in the world how is one able to heave a sigh of relief? Or are we all just sensitive for a certain period of time ? Blood boils, anger aggravates, angst is poured onto social networking sites which sell like hot cakes! Once the cake is eaten with the cherry topping .. one big fat burp and there.. time to download.

Even news to an extent is like that. There is news hype that ignites debates. Then comes the part where the public retaliates in all possible ways. The witty/intellectual/well-worded tweets make headlines and it's a new day .. a new issue.. a new my-big-fat-media-headlines .

As I type this, I'm simultaneously having an arguement with another gentleman who thinks public perception of actors are that they are talented but without brains. Quite concerned.. your views would be appreciated ..

Monday, June 27, 2011

New notes in the block

With my latest track Premikyumbol from Salt N' Pepper hitting the nearby stores, I've been invited to share my experience with Radios, Channels and even print media. Most often asked question is my take on today's Film music. Invariably I keep talking about how noncommercial music must be promoted and that the current music trend in films are really aping new heights. I was obviously asked to take names for which, without any hesitation, I mentioned Amit Trivedi's and Prashant Pillai's name. There were a few who thought it was a big mistake by taking their names because that's what some others in this overtly hypocritical world call 'soaping'. I beg to differ, but I don't hesitate in appreciating anything as much as I am never reluctant in criticizing too. At the time when Dev D had set a trend in Indian Cinema, I couldn't help but notice the quintessence in its music too. But, Amit Trivedi arrived with Iktaara. People stated him as the next A.R.Rahman, for which I thought it was too soon. Not only because I worship Rahmanji but also because legends don't need to carry forward a name. They don't have to be following a particular trend but are the trend setters. Amit has already created a new space, genre, signature for his music and that should be acknowledged. I watch & read a lot of interviews wherein most of the artists always talk about how they were asked to make music resembling a chart topper. For instance, in Bollywood, I'm dead sure that many composers are trying to make another Sheila and Munni whose aftereffect was Jalebi Bhai :p But , very rarely musicians think of doing what they can and are capable of and most importantly are comfortable doing it minus all the insecurities. Forget the rat race. There's nothing like survival of the fittest /strongest/shrewdest... it's plain hardwork, attitude, and a 'vishala manasu' (pure heart).

With City Of God, I was so enchanted by Prashant Pillai's music. What it had was not soul or magic but simplicity packed in a box of selfhood. He had a signature with every song. His music was extravagant in Shaitan too. I could just watch the movie for the 2nd time only for it’s music. The kind of freshness it brings is something you'll get to hear seldom or probably once-in-a-blue-moon. Maybe, that's how it's supposed to be. They say na .. exclusive! It's absolutely great to see such music venturing into the commercial space where the ignorant get to hear, even though it's by chance!

What is required at such a trance is open mindedness. Don't go by reviews and by word-of-mouth. Listen, absorb and feel the change. You never become a smaller person by acknowledging their good deeds openly. In fact you should only vouch for what you think has made an impact in your thought process... So guys, *Open your mind* and go conquer the world :D

P.S. Happy Birthday Panchamda

Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview for Manorama Online Edition

This post is about one of those phone interviews I really enjoyed doing with a Manorama journalist, Joe Jacob. This person has done his homework really well and I realized that only after reading the whole online edition. Surprisingly our conversation lasted for around 1/2 hour where predominantly we were speaking about news reporting and journalism and spent hardly 10 minutes discussing about my musically inclined life . What amazed me more was how much information he had gathered about me in a span of few days to accommodate fine details of my childhood in a succinct manner. When he messaged me saying he had posted the interview , I thought it would be a tiny column of a page devoted to other substantial news. It was quite thrilling to read a lot more than I had said, all of which is true, in that interview . If you wish to have a look at it then you may click HERE .