Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tore Bina

Hariharan On stage with Rahman on the ARR Live in Concert at L.A. Xclusive piece.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jana Gana Mana

As every true Indian feels patriotic on August 15th...celebrating her 60th birthday...even i felt proud. But felt even more patriotic when i saw the 'Jana Gana Mana' done by the Asian Mozart himself.. along with bharat bala.Was completely spell bound. The whole set of musicians...the audio and the visuals would have been incomplete without the perfect combo of each and every instrument and voice. Well if all of us have noticed ,Rahman - Bala works are very exclusive and immortal. Infact the other day i had read Bala speaking about how he chooses to work with the genius. Shankar Mahadevan was saying that he had been to Rahmanji's studio to set one of his instrument's right..when they got chit chatting over music..and he landed up singing for Rahman. Well i can't really call that luck...but it's all about being blessed...and being put on the right path. These 60 years would have gone a complete waste without any of them.
Jai Hind!


Who is not addicted to coffee day ?? I cant do without having that Sizzling brownie and devil's own ... Oh its awesomeee....The best place to hang out when your sad... when you want to celebrate.. or even if its an important discussion .. jus grab your wallet...and rush into Ccd. The ambience so perfectly blends with the coffee.. that honestly i have no words to express.. Starbucks and Costa coffee dosen't lag behind at all. Well the growing coffee culture is indeed very much in demand ... and is reducing the alcoholic trend in todays busy life. Adios amigo for now :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Doordarshan presents you ..

Hola!... The other day.. a generous person ..generous because he had to deal with me :)...said that he wanted me to record a title track for a serial for which he had composed music.. He was saying that with a lot of pride... after all his first project as a music director !! It was a title track for a teleserial .I was not nervous at all... not until I woke up that lazy morning and realised I had to record !! my first recording for television !!.. ok ok... maybe not Mtv.... but stilll television!! Not everyone gets an oppurtunity to sing for television ... ok now I am overdoing it :)
I did'nt eat anything in the morning.. thought of going empty stomach..or rather was a little too nervous :P..and trust me guyz its so hard to stay without food...especially for a foody like me .
Ronny was a complete sweetheart... he was so patient.. cos he knew it was my first recording . He jus played a few chords... gave me a generalised form of what i was to record.. and the rest was extempore..Initially I had to record the first few lines like 10 times.. due to changes made to the lyrics , tune ,etc. But after that little bit of struggle... it went on pretty smooth.. and the recording got over like in an hour. Felt awesome to hear my voice come out of the system ..something that I own... but i owe it all to Ronny... Well that was an experience.. I wont be able to forget.. after all my very first recording for the television..

Friday, August 3, 2007

With Harish Ragavendra(etho undru , manasakullai ,devathey kanden ,chennai senthamizh ,etc) on a show held at Sheraton. We had chitraji singing on the show too.

New Beginning

A new place ,new people ,new teachers ,frightened...yet excited ,nervous ,anxious... so many mixed emotions for a teen beginning his/her college. Similiar is my attitude. But more than being frightened... I am excited to begin a new routine .. with my love ... music.
Music has been my passion over the years.. and what more joy can i get in learning about a subject i just adore!! So wish me luck for my new beginning....:)

OH! surprise!!.. I've learnt classical dance for 8years..including Bharatnatyam , Kuchupudi , Mohiniyattam , Folk.. and ofcourse Cinematic. This pic shows a pose in Kuchupudi

Me interviewing T.M.Krishna and Bombay Jayashree for Xpat Asia
Me with Anandji(music director of the old version of Don,etc) during a show. It was a blessing to have him on the show where i could perform for him ....he said i sing gud :)