Monday, May 25, 2009

Rajanigandha season 3

I never expected them to work with the team again!! After last year’s success with Srini sir I guess I would be asking for too much... but things worked well with me and I ended up going to Muscat for the show. But this journey without dad was painful for the cause that though he is bugging when it comes to practicing and maintaining discipline... if it wasn't for him... I would probably be in TV Today. M.G.Sreekumar was the guest singer for the show and I got to share the stage with him for ramayana kaate. The other songs I sang were Singaravellane and chandu thottile. A memorable show after all it's my first without Dad! But this would have never been possible without my Gurus Ramesh sir and Khalid sir. I would also like to thank Dr. Thomas , Sasi uncle and Ramani aunty, Ramdas uncle and Sindhu aunty and the sponsors for making this happen!

To check out few pics during rehearsals.. Go here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like I had promised you I have finally got a little portion of the Rosebowl show 'Thank you for the Music - A tribute to A.R.Rahman' uploaded in you tube and I have posted it in my video blog. Thanks to Vishnu Vishakh for uploading this !!!

Click HERE to view it.

Catch it's paper write up HERE.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The death of Prabhakaran is another milestone in India's Most Wanted list... definitely an achievement and I must say that after quite some time (after election catfights) we are having something good to speak about to discuss about. Every time they flashed saying 'we are near his hideout place' or 'just few more days and we'll capture him' honestly I used to feel that this story is going to be never ending. But when I came back home after my exam my mom very casually told me about his death and I was taken aback cos that's something I least expected. And then I got to know that his son passed away too. Wasn't it bound to happen someday or the other? I feel bad for his wife and daughter. They must be living in a world parallel to heaven. Or maybe the lady has been preparing herself for this day. But how much ever preparations one does for a tragedy the end result cannot suppress one's depression. At the moment tears are destined to fall. The day people learn the significance of tolerance would probably be the day where we can commence into a world full of peace. And like Tagore has said... I also have faith in humanity as it is like the sun which can be clouded but never extinguished.

Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin
Look ever to God, he will carry you through

It is not only about religion and fighting for a particular community's right but it is also about how much others are affected by this. In Kalyug, God himself will come and slay the devils at the end of the world. Maybe the end is nearing and God will disguise himself to slay all the devils one by one... will we or our succesors ever be able to see a world where peace dominates and a world where everyone is tolerant? Will God actually come to slay the sinners? I think he will... whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian is up to your imagination...

I am an optimistic person and I, like any other person would like to see a safe secure future ahead of us. We can make a difference, not by voting... but by making a difference in our lives ourselves. Rather than choosing from a bunch of options it's better if we make the options ourselves and execute them. You will definitely see the difference...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's so messed up... who? The Kerala University! They don't give the dates in advance and expect us to cancel or reschedule whatever we have in mind for the sake of their own-sweet-time-decision-making-system. I had a show just a day before my main paper and had to travel to Trissur and then back to Trivandrum the same day. And now my next headache is that I have a show on the same day as my language exam, the only problem is the venue... it's in Muscat!!! After a lot of thinking I finally decided to take up the show and thought of writing the exams in September. I really wish the University would give us the whole schedule a month before exams so that we could prepare for exams on time! And plan out our extracurricular activities as well.

BTW the Muscat show is on the 22nd of May in Al- Falej. The special guest is M.G.Sreekumar and we have a whole lot of youngsters from Muscat singing on the show. I will be performing 3 songs and the show is conducted by my primary Guru, Shri. Ramesh K. Narayan. The rest of the details will be available in the local newspapers out there.

I am looking out for some good gyms in Trivandrum... really want to shed some kilos... but don't know much about the gyms here... so if someone could help me with it...Please do!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The R factor...

This is regarding a letter from Dr. Balakrishna Varma, a psychiatrist on his take on reality show.. Click here to read the letter.

Lot of people are saying that the judges are being too harsh on the children and torturing them mentally... but I feel they are fair enough. I am talking about the panel of judges in Malayalam reality shows. In fact sometimes I feel they just show a blind eye to most of the mistakes saying it could affect the votes dedicated to a particular contestant by his/her fan. The children’s' episode is pretty fun to watch and I feel that they shouldn't join if they are not able to take in the pressure. Crying at the elimination stage is fair enough... Everyone does have feelings and at some point do feel that competition has something more than just the participation factor. When I used to enrol for competitions, I was always brainwashed that I am participating to remove my stage fear and not to win a trophy. But knowingly we go there expecting a prize for sure and when we don't win it is a disappointment. But what is funny is some of the reality show contestants are pretty strong enough when they are eliminated and stand there with a bright positive smile just when the comperer does her job and then the river begins to overflow. Elimination episodes have TRP more than any other episodes because we Indians love emotional drama.

The major negative I felt is about this 'family round' where the singer has to perform with all his family members on stage... more like a republic day parade! More than the judges I feel parents are the ones who pressurize their children at home if they scored less marks or wotever. Overall after analyzing the pros and cons I feel they affect in a more positive way and for those who are actually looking for a platform to showcase their go for it !!!.. (Though I wouldn't personally go for it)

Telecast of Sakhi today !!!

I am really sorry !!!!! I couldn't let any of you know about the telecast of 'Sakhi' in Amrita TV .. It's actually today from 1:30 to 2:00 pm ... I will definitely try to upload the video :D... sorry once again !!!

P.S. If someone knows the timings of the re telecast of this shoot (if any at all).. please do inform me :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Have uploaded the pics of ...

... Thank you for the music!- A tribute to a living legend A.R.Rahman....

Click here to view the pics.

Thank you for all the lovely feedback .. and it was a show that was decided by the Producer, Kadamba Rajesh at the last moment. We did want to include songs like minsarapoove, theekuruviyil and ek mohabbat but sadly the videos were of poor quality. I hope you all had a great time watching it .. Hope to do something like this once again in the future...adios amigo..

P.S.Do give in your valuable suggestions here..