Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What a difference a day made

You know how we all want to get into shape at some point and end up hitting the gym for a week or two, out of the guilt of paying a hefty enrollment fee? Yes? Then, you might also remember how you would shamelessly shelve away your work outs because of your "busy life" that obviously would never discourage you from eating any more. As a result, you would suggest yourself to buy a treadmill, so you can workout any time at home, barring the possibility of how you're gonna be more prone to crossing the obese line :p !
If you're thinking what a bad idea it was to invest in gym equipment, don't worry, am just getting to the point.

So, you buy the treadmill. Your face is gleaming with joy, as you look at the lifeless machine lying at the corner of your room, placed opposite your TV, to make your workout more entertaining. After having envisioned a thinner, beautiful you, you can't wait to get back in to routine! You're already dreaming of the dress you saw at the store the other day, that you couldn't fit in. Already thinking of how you're gonna make eye balls roll when you're gonna flaunt it at some wedding party. The list goes on, but the best one would be when those slim twits finally start getting creative at opening a conversation, unlike all other times when all they could notice (on purpose, that is) was how plump you've gotten! All these positive, sunshine thoughts in just one day, because now you own a treadmill.

Yeah, but sadly, these determined thoughts are eaten away by the aroma of the brunch, usually served hot  from your mother's kitchen, or, driving past KFC. In the evening, you can feel the treadmill looking at your flabs, mocking it to glory, but expectantly you're lured away by hot coffee and pazhampori, or shall I call it a brief mini-lunch? So, being a Sunday, you would rather not waste your time by sweating it out, and would gladly settle for an outing.

Then comes Monday. Everybody hates Monday. It's a gloomy day, so it's ok if you postpone it for another day. On Tuesday, you're just getting used to gathering yourself up for work (and out of hangover). Moreover, it isn't a good day to start such positive things. My aunt said so. Some myth, it is. Then follows W-T-F, which obviously for reasons better known to the alphabets cannot be used to inaugurate the machine!

Then comes our hero, Saturday. A very positive day. The beginning of a weekend, perfect to get the machine into working. And you do so, finally. You gear up and get closer to the machine and bend down. Your neighbour from the opposite window is impressed with your warming up stretches, only to see you rising up to hang the wet clothes out of the washing machine on the treadmill holder :)

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