Friday, December 21, 2007

Human Gods are becoming very prominent and an influential part of a common man. People have become blind in human induced powers.They preach and capture the minds of people and the rest becomes history.I don't really know how much of it is non fiction.But it's very hard for me to accept a human God.It's not about the evidence of the presence of supernatural powers , but the fact that they are just humans , like you and me.My mom had told me that when we are in despair , we tend to believe in things that can give us relief when we are indubitable about medical/ financial failure.I met this person who had a marriage failure get into the school of kalki cos of his depression.In a way it was good that he chose that cos once he joined he happened to wed again, gain a promotion and is now a father.He believes it all to be the blessings of the kalki representative or in other words God.

People have many alternatives when they are surrendered to depression.Some choose alcoholic pleasure, meditation, the others decide to venture heaven and few leave it to fate. But with the commencement of Human Gods into the society , irrespective of the levels,the trend is gradually changing. Like how coffee has beaten the alcohol trend Human gods have begun to encroach upon the hearts of millions. Not getting into the pros and cons of the matter I wonder if this will continue to be a perpetual attraction.

As of now ..just landed in Oman (Muscat)- the place that shaped my childhood.Will be here for sometime.With a running nose..I think updating my audio blog will take another week's time. Merry X'mas


Vikas said...

Well, Thats like another profession!
Human gods... Does even God exist?? All the gods we know were either literary characters or otherwise very inspiring human beings who passed away! whats the sense in believing everything is controlled by dem??

Ok, now human gods.. I had call them assholes! Sorry... but still, Its something i hate to the core!! Simply minting money and dumb people 2 go behind!!

crazyBugga said...

aah. Humans. Gods. Merry XMas to u too sista [:)]

strollinthunder said...

Human this a new species??

They are a wonderful device of atonement between mundane life and happiness, they make people(believers)happy,then i guess they should be good...ur blog gives a picture that they are the worst scum in the entire universe(M.I.B apologies to Will Smith)..they are out there involved in the process of Bureaucracy(i don't understand what they bureaucrate)

For a peaceful, harmonious and utopian society we need a song like below one to be a part of our folk lore

Remember, Remember
The fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgotten.


Neha Nair said...

strollinthunder: No, my post does not criticise them. I was only talking about the changing trends and what man has made of man.And my conclusion says it all - " Not getting into the pros and cons of the matter I wonder if this will continue to be a perpetual attraction"

Neha Nair said...

Vikas: will tell you personally about the existence of God.The literary characters only spoke about their personality and body language, but their existence that's to be felt and not read.

MM said...

hiya neha
just dropping by to wish u a very happy new year in advance.
and heres hoping tht u hv done soemthing with the running!


strollinthunder said...

merry Christmas to you all......there shldn't be any contradictions this time

Keep up the good work.

Neha Nair said...

mm: nose is at a terrible state..looks like its the run for the marathon!