Friday, September 21, 2007


Chocolates!!! Yuuuuuuuuum......Imagine if factories stopped producing chocolates one bright morning? No chocolate cakes, ice creams, juices..just nothing.Ok.. here beings the story of : Evolution of chocolates. Cacao , the evegreen trees in the rainforests of South Africa are the initial ingridient that was used to prepare chocolate. Infact these seeds were used as currency like two beans could buy a pumpkin and four could purchase a rabbit!

If I was the president I would have employed each and every unemployed person on earth, I would have eradicated chickun gunia by inventing an anti-gunia drug, would have made a house for each beggar on the street, would have kept my country clean and would have made each indian an literate. That's what everyone says. So do I. So I decided to take my initial step by keeping my house clean :) Not a bad start at all.

The other day I had been to Ambrosia, a famous hang out for youngsters. Just beside it I saw this grotisque poster next to the parlour. It said something like 'He is in pain and i suffer'.It was the day for those who were struck by the Alzheimer's. I feel so blessed and infact just smacked my head for cribbing for not getting a new keychain for my bed room key.
Qouted by an unknown author.. 'Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain'.


Jac said...

I am laughing at your humourous writing, neha

BTW. Could I suggest a small correction regarding cocoa.

If you say generally as Africa it may be right.
But all major producers of cocoa are in West Africa and not in South Africa

World production shown in million M.Tons

Côte d'Ivoire(Ivory Coast) 1.33
Ghana 0.74
Indonesia 0.43
Nigeria 0.37
Brazil 0.17
Cambodia 0.13
Ecuador 0.09
World Total 3.6

So you see, there is no South Africa there.
70% of the world cocoa production is from West Africa.

The origin of cocoa is actually not Africa… but South America.

Sorry to consume so much of your comment place.

annie said...

Yah dear i wrote it on my own..what did u not understand..i thot it was simple enuf.

crazyBugga said...

chocolate, president and alzheimer's disease... wow! this post is truly "write-what-comes-to-mind"... its actually very hard to do tat... great goin! [:)]

phoenix said...

its 9 am now and reading your post about chocolates made me hungry for.gurl!this is a torture

a well written piece

should should read the girl khyati who is in my list..she had written about chocolates too few posts back,you ll almost feel like killing her once u r done..check it out.. :)

may i please link you?

Anonymous said...

When I read your first three lines, I just became too without chocolates and ice-creams is simply unthinkable for me....Your thoughts are so beautiful and it was wonderful reading your post and the last quote is just so true...dancing in the rain brings real ecstasy to the heart....lovely post!

praveen said...

Sorry ya....yet to see it...ll see it this weekend.......

Rajeev said...

ur a classical singer?
Oh wow! cool! I just saw tht in ur profile! :)

peace & love

Anonymous said...

Not something i expected from you. Not up to the mark...Too many things running around in your mind, and you wanted to squeeze them all in?

Chris Benoit said...

oooh.. i am one chocoholic too! :)

Chris Benoit said...

your rendering of ghazal was superb! :-)

annie said...

I aint a choc lover...strange nah!

annie said...

Read this - History of choclate

Mystery said...

hey neha..thanks a lot for dropping by...
i just listened to ur song...u have an amazing voice...can i hear more of ur songs?? :D

Kami said...

Um, WHAT? No chocolate?

I have to sit down.

Now what were you saying?


Neha Nair said...

anonymous: I wasn't squeezing it at all. Ans about shuffling random topics together.... that's exactly why I named it Kaleidoscope .I have been clear about what I wanted to convey.