Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Indian Says...

Another friend of mine Sriram has got into blogging. The person composes such amazing music but never thought he can get aggressive and patriotic in certain issues. Usually chatting with him is a chat full of music and peace and homeliness... but couple of days back he started off with Hindu and Muslim rights and about Varun Gandhi's rights and blah blah that I was pretty surprised that he had such wide thinking... And two days later out of nowhere he pops up with a blog and boy! He is talking! So go and check up with this amateur blogger and do encourage him!

To check out his musical creation Click Here.

To check out his blog .. do click here.


Vishnu Visakh S said...


Anonymous said...

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Neha Sasikumar said...

Future Mantra: Will definitely have a look at the website you have mentioned. Thanks for the comments..

Anonymous said...

Stumbled onto your blog while chasing down some Asianet news thingy online. Anyhoo, You're a remarkably gifted singer (I'm sure you get told that everyday). I liked most of what you wrote on your blog, kinda drew me back to times I spent growing up in Kerala (as much as I hated it then). Also the reference to Asan Memorial School(Devarajan Master episode ;) which was where I did some of my primary schooling. Well, with regards to your picture taking skills, YOU SUCK!!! (kidding...u're as good as anyone else) But a few tips on photography might bode well for future pictures you might post on your blog.

Now, with the self-deprecatory remarks about Mallu-English. Not diggin that stuff...little lady!!! ....Mallus speak english as well as any other desi from any other state, albeit with a strong colloquial accent. I've lived in North America, Middle East and Europe in the last 20 years, and I can say this much, desis speaking english have Indian accents irrespective of where we come from. I've come across people who have lived in the west for years and still speak with a strong desi accent. Not that it makes them any less literate or cool, but it's just that some of us have better linguistic abilities than others and some don't really give a crap how they sound as long as they speak correct english. So, long as you speak grammatically proper english or any other language for that matter, you're doing allright.

On that note, I apologize if I sound cuastic or harsh in my opinions, for it is not my intention to dampen your spirits. Keep writing and as for singing, there's not stopping you.... Is there? Nice work Neha! :)

SSQuo said...

He sure is talking :)

Neha Sasikumar said...

Anonymous: Thanks a million pal!!!
I take criticisms as equal as appreciations..Keep encouraging me as a blogger, singer.. and I am sure I will be able to progress pretty fast towards my goal...!