Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snapshots re-loaded!

Yesterday I and the newly wedded couple and my cousins went out for a 'break' from the wedding mess....the beach...

After a looong time I got to use my photography skills (just a little bit).And please don't complain about the flash... I think it just looks good that way...One is with a thin, tall prominent coconut tree which you can view HERE. It was after clicking this one that I kept cribbing about my stupid camera and its battery and blah blah. I couldn't figure out the problem a few months before cos none of the batteries worked. Then I figured we needed alkaline and when I told dad that, he said that's what I have been trying so far. That did burn my brain cells but I required the camera to work for obvious wedding related situations. Wanted every single moment to be captured. And hence my cousin finally got me this pair of batteries which can be charged when it runs out of some :)...So much for cameras and batteries. Anyways... the second one is without the coconut tree... I don't know any other way to describe it...check it out HERE.

Next pic is the one with the caption me..So don't miss this one... GO HERE.

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