Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dr. Gopalakrishnan on Astrology

The first time I ever knew about Dr. Gopalakrishnan was when my mom was reading out a sloka explained by him when I was around 10 or eleven. That time I couldn't remember his name but that sloka became a part of my life ever since. As I grew up she would tell me of how he used to speak about a lot of superstitions which were not bothered to be explained on scientific terms by a lot who belonged to the older generation. I keep wondering how no one ever wanted to know why we follow certain things as per tradition. One such a thing is doing the Ganapati Homam in a newly built house. It is actually done because the homam emits a lot of elements help in purifying the air and of course that will spread positivity in the atmosphere around us. Many such things were explained by him and I am a big fan of him. I have even prepared a list of things to ask in case I meet him somewhere!!

Just caught up with some awesomatic videos where Dr. Gopalakrishnan, Hon. Director of the IISH (Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage) was speaking in depth about Astrology. Such an eye opener! I absolutely believe in astrology as a science. But sadly somehow one thing leads to another and I get a little curious to find out what my stars have to say. As per the scientist astrology is all about the celestial constellation once we start breathing. Since astrology is predicted on the basis of the birth timing , there are four ways of considering it. One is when the baby's head is seen, second is when the whole baby is out of the womb, third is when the baby starts crying, fourth is when the baby is separated from the mother on cutting the umbilical chord. But Dr. Gopalakrishnan explains about the fifth and the most important way of considering the timing is when the sperm meets the egg which sadly cannot be recorded. Hence, this could be one of the problems as to why some horoscopes read the opposite of it's owner's life!

He explained in detail about the position of the earth, greenwich line, and how astrology is a science that can be proved. But what is appalling is that people don't really care about the science part but the predictions. Here, prediction , as the word suggests, is a 50-50 chance which explains why some things work as per the astrologer's say and some don't. Predictions cannot be explained scientifically and is not a part of scientific astrology.

Another interesting fact that the scientist mentioned was that some people study the subject only to prove it wrong, to challenge it or to insult it. One should study it for 2 purposes: To learn if it is scientific and second to see if it's useful in our life. Funnily, both don't have to compliment each other in all situations. Emotions, feelings, respect are unexplainable by science but are excessively used in our lives.

Please do not blindly believe in astrology and drive your life in the roads suggested by interpreters of the stars. Nothing can define your life more than your hard work and will power and your prayers. If you are still interested in having a peek at your future then what is best is to be happy about all the good things told about your life and to blame all the obstacles to the astrologer's reading or blame the nurse who took down your birth time ;) !!!


Vishnu Visakh S said...

Older generation kept the blind faith work throughout their life, not only that they carried their concepts to the newer generations too. And the most interesting part is that the people who knew about the scientific facts in the older generation mixed with some spiritual things so that people could not avoid doing such things as they didnt want god to curse them for not doing such things.

Let me explain - scientific facts mixed with spiritual things with an example.

People are not allowed to enter their house after attending a funeral ceremony. They are advised to bath from outside the house before getting inside.The reason they say is that some 'DOSHAM' will affect the family if they do so.

When I reasearched about it, I understood some scientific facts behind it. Dead bodies emit some bacterias to the air and the possibility of that bacteria affecting other people is found. So to avoid these bacterias to pass from person to person bath is adviced.

To do it strictly with no second thought it was mixed with spiritual things which could force people to do.

Neha Sasikumar said...

Bingo !!! Great point!

Anoop G said...

I dont believe ( or dont like to believe ) in astrology. But I have read Dr.Gopalakrishnan's autobiography ( malayalam).

Vishnu Visakh S said...

Not only that, if we say these things to those who are superstitious , they are not ready to accept the scientific facts. They still believe that Curse is standing right up to fall as an 'IDITHI'!!

jagadeesh puthukkudi said...

I don't believe in "Prediction part of astrology".

Last time i read D.N. Gopalakrishnan's autobiography.His marriage also ,without astro prediction.

He make new revolution in my thoughts since last 10 years.