Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder how politicians end up finding ways to cease development ! Strikes are never the solution to any problem. But then how else can one voice his opinion and make a point ? But on the other side you cannot afford to disrupt the lives of millions of others at the other side. So many people who have to be at the hospital, workplace have no other go. It's like adding fuel to the fire. It's even more surprising to see the ruling government hold a strike risking their chance of winning at the elections. But again, who cares? I used to love the strikes initially only because I hated to go to my language classes in college. Also, living a monotonous life for the first 17 years, having to lead a life full of surprises became interesting. You really never know if you'd end up doing what you have planned for. Strikes have to stop. It's not only disrupting lives but putting Kerala, known for 100% literacy, to shame.


Tony Joseph Thomas said...

People shoudnt support Srike when they call for it, let whatever be the issue.. thats the only. they should go on with their routines. Yes, it has become a part of our culture, where we celebrate harthals as yet another holiday. Next 5 years, god save kerala. hope for a better UDF govt.
Strikes and harthals are an old tool, which is used by the same class of people over years. It has lost its virtue.

Tony Joseph Thomas said...

4get the typing and other mistakes. typing from fone :-)