Sunday, December 26, 2010

God in disguise

Bengaluru climate is beautiful and responsible for giving me a bad cold and sore throat. Haven't sung in ages!! Well, that's an exaggeration :) Today morning I was standing outside in my garden area talking to a friend about my New Year plans and suddenly an old man walks in smiling brightly. He spoke so softly that all I could make out was 'someone learns music in this house' and I nodded. Ya, obviously, anything to do with music in my house can be related only with me as I am the sole musician at home :)Anyways, the man self-invited himself to the sopanam and made himself comfortable . Both my aunties who love talking about the puranas and vedas and Hindu mythology were very happy to start a conversation with him. He is supposedly a dance teacher and the moment he knew about my training in dance he started to shoot questions like what does 'bharat' mean in Bharatnatyam and the like. I instantly got reminded of my school days when I used to be asked about some dry cell in Physics when I was day dreaming big time!! After a series KBC-type questions (except that there was no crores involved in this one), I gave up requesting him to pass on the knowledge he has. Very happily he told me how Hanuman happens to be the God of music and how Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge. He went on and on and then he told something that is so vital for everyone to know. What is destined to us will only come to us and even the Gods won't be able to stop it from happening. He spoke so wisely about the Geeta and about how he perceives it to be a conversation between Sanjeya and Dritharastra . His eyes were blue and glowing with knowledge and experience and most important- confidence. He said that whatever we say, if in our mind we feel we are right, is in a way right for the ones who listen to us. But then it is for the listener to analyze it later.

Long time back when my granny was going back to Bombay after her short stay with us in Muscat my mother was nervous of leaving her alone. At the airport there was some impediment about her visa or something and there was this man who appeared from nowhere who sorted out everything in a snap that afterwards when we looked for him to thank... he was gone...just like that. That day my mom said she had witnessed God. It's such a beautiful, enlightening feeling to meet such random people who make a mark within us, teaching us, being there for us in the best and worst of situations.

Funny thing was he didn't want to hear me sing or didn't ask me about how much I have studied. The old man said he will visit us soon as if letting me know that he will come when he wants me to know something. I always believe that there is a reason as to why such things happen. I just watched him go away knowing that I will be meeting him when I need to.

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-=J.V=- said...

wow ! that was an exp.. sometimes in life it happens..
i will share a moment of my life, a similar godly exp.
my way from coimbatore to kannur.. i never looks at time for travel.. it was late at night.. i started with ma friend on train, i had my guitar.. he had his synth pack.. both on bags..good big luggges.. we had tickets for general after a big que at eve, when the train came in we pushed on to sleeper, hoping to get ticket changed from tt.. he looked at the ticket and said it was for one, that was the time we looked on it.. i never knew if it was ma hurry or if it was there mistake.. one thing was confirm.. it was for one..and he ask us to get out at the next station..we tried to convince him with this and that as it was the last train for the day, nothing changed and we started walkng to the door and sat on the last row as there was just one guy.. he asked what happened and we xplained the stuff. he told he has got friends at ottappalam station and at the midnight he got us ticket from there, we thanked him & we ran into general..surprisingly it was full of flowers.. baskets and baskets.. it was for some function and we continued our journey there..we stared at the stations to wave him a bye... and when reached kannur we ran to that comparment to thank him again.. but he was nowhere..
the next day was great.. sleeping at station till 11am.. :)