Thursday, March 17, 2011

The cost for a vote or value of a vote?

During my school days I never would be interested in being informed about our political scenario only because I always found it boring. But post 10th grade I began to develop a certain amount of curiosity in Politics as I found it dramatic. And now it keeps me hooked onto it for hours together because it's costing me a vote! Being an Ex- NRI I have always found voting to be a very important part of every Indian citizen's life. My first day at College got me face to face with the SFI and KSU members. But I never knew who was better and what their ideology was. Eventually when the voting days came along I was able to witness a lot of campaigning that is done to get votes in their favour. The funny thing was that when the parties would enter in with their candidates to give a campaign speech, one would never get to hear what developments they were planning for...rather would hear a lot of bitching of the other party. It was always about 'they didn't do this' and 'they'll never do that' but never about 'We are planning for'. I found it really dumb on their part to never speak about their positives but rather waste time on showing how negative the other one is. To my dismay I also learnt that the same process happens even with the political parties at the Central and State.

Once there was a female candidate who came along with her supporters asking for a vote on the basis of being my neighbour. I had the entire mind to ask her what she is capable of but the way she folded her hands with begging eyes, gave me my answers. How many of these candidates are genuinely wanting to or are capable of doing something substantial for our nation? The question is huge and debatable. But the answer is in us. Every individual can make a difference if they want to. We can cancel our meetings and call up sick to the office for watching a world cup match. We can sympathize with the Japanese victims living without food and shelter ignoring the same condition that has been prevailing since years in India. We can only point fingers at our guardians of law but never be united as a nation to act upon it.

Sometimes the Govt. comes up with policies like increasing women participation, encouraging the youth to represent seats, so on and so forth. But what are we doing as mere voters? Just observing and pointing fingers. Recently on the issue of sailors being abducted by Somali pirates, there was a sudden action taken by Sushma Swaraj on contradiction to SM Krishna's insensitive comments. Really don't know if the effort was genuine, or to show the other party down. But after seeing Egypt's unity I have to say that we are extremely weak as a lay man.

Votes are being sold for cash and we are accepting corruption as a part of our life. Moreover, we are accepting parties who have leaders who are caught up in cases like rape, corruption and wotnot. The elections are due in a month...Please vote wisely and remember 'Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote'


Shamrez Zack said...

"Being an Ex- NRI I have always found voting to be a very important part of every Indian citizen's life" - This is a refreshing change from what I have heard from scores of NRIs I know who rubbishes our democracy is and voting right to be a bleddy joke. Respect.

But when it comes to Kerala, I do concede that the politicians and governments we have is what we thoroughly deserve. Kallum kudichu, harthalum kaathu kazhiyunnu verum kuzhi madiyanmaarayee marikkondirikkugayaanu nammal. Its a bummer how irkil parties and poshaga sangatanagal are holding successful strikes in the glorious mallu land. Is it cos of their political and muscle power? Hell no! I would only blame our laid back attitude for it.

If we wish for a better system, we should shake off from the slumber and work towards it. As the famous dialog from RDB goes, "No country is perfect, we have to make it perfect".

the wanderer said...

There are a couple of issues that we need to look into before concluding about voting patterns in India.As a democracy we are not yet politically mature partly because of the fact that we are a young nation and partly because of our colonial history.Even in a 300 plus yr old democracy like US the good looks,race and religion of presidential candidate forms an important criteria.
Our polity need to mature from a voter-candidate dynamics to citizen-system symbiotic relationship.For this it is important that our citizens are aware which comes through education.
The lacuna in the system is that a citizen is not able to identify the right candidate because of lack of awareness.More than a citizen exercising his/her vote we need people who casts an informed vote, the path to which would be the progressive evolution of democracy itself

Neha Sasikumar said...

I would agree to the fact that there are many youngsters who don't care about the candidates but I also feel that the style in which campaigning is held also doesn't really help in informing us about the candidate either.

prasanna venkatesh.b said...

nice post. it is painful but as you say change has to start from the voters end!
This is totally out of place, but I stumbled upon the blog after listening to your brilliant music and ever since I have been affected by this condition called Nehitis where I cannot stop listening. :) brilliant work and look forward to more...thanks!

Neha Sasikumar said...

Thanks Prasanna :)