Monday, August 1, 2011

Justice delayed IS Justice denied

You've got to believe this. I was just trying to, like a normal, inquisitive individual , Google the latest updates on the Soumya rape case and didn't find any useful details. So, I thought of blogging on how pathetic the system is and blah blah, because I tend to become wacky everytime I see nothing being done on such important issues. Then I refrained from doing so as I always end up writing long, boring lectures on this , feeling helpless ! Then, on twitter, happened to read a retweet "In 2010: 48,461 rapes in India. 2011: 5 months, 185 rapes just in Delhi! #SHAME" by @jainnimit.

There are the ones that never get registered, or enough media attention, and hence due to no major reporting being done they're denied any action or justice at all. But the ones like Soumya, how much has actually been done? The whole of Kerala was outraged months ago when the incident took place and it seems like the whole truth was laid out by Govindachami himself before the police. When everything is out in the open, why is it taking so much time to punish him? A month back I read few absurd details on how few top advocates are actually fighting this case for the rapist. Apparently 5 of them are on this case and the soul which is not resting in peace is probably up there crying tears of pain, on how pathetic it will further get for all the other women who might have to go through this terrible fate. I can still remember seeing an ad campaign by Ajan Rs regarding this. Watch it below.

Soumya IS dead
Govindachami IS STILL alive
Politicians HAVE Spoken out
They WILL speak again
When the NEXT Soumya passes away
Open your DAMN mind!

There is nothing left to be said after the countless number of debates and counter sessions of justifications. Yes, justice delayed is justice denied. And hell yeah, we aren't going to forget this for a long time until Soumya doesn't get any rightful justice. If there is someone who knows anything extra about this case or on how it is progressing , please be kind enough to mention it here.


gauthamfan said...
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gafoorkkadosth said...

and the Youth Congress activists who attacked him on his way to court,were badly hurt by Police. :(

Neha S. Nair said...

Yes I did see that. Someday or the other it is quite natural for the public to be loud about their anger against such injustice. And no one can stop those thoughts from flowing into anger with mere lathi charge until justice prevails for good.

Thomas Viruvelil said...

Judicial system in India is very slow.Here in Cochin my lawyer friends jockingly tell me:"As an Architect,you cannot hold on to a client for more than 12 to 18 months.But a client for us last more than 15 years or more if we want"
Our legal system unlike outside is based on the assumption that accused is innocent unless otherwise proved.In most cases no one will be interested in proving the accused guilty and accused can get legal experts to prove that he is "innocent"

Neha S. Nair said...

But, in this case the accused has already been booked for theft and I suppose they must have collected all the necessary DNA samples and of what I heard, he had apparently accepted his crime. What more is required to punish him ??

Thomas Viruvelil said...

First trial court will take so many years to decide.Then many upper courts for appeal.Meanwhile every one will forget about the case.This is happening for all cases.See Balakrishna Pillai was punished in a case after nearly 16 years.This is how our system works

The Silent Song said...

Randomly reached your blog.

I don't think that crime committed, and then getting the accused punished and then hoping that this will stop future occurrence of such incidents occurring - is the right way of approaching such issues.

Somewhere, our general psyche seems to have developed an aberration in its perspective about fellow beings.This need to be addressed.

Probably that is what leads to such incidents.
And then probably that is why it never gets addressed as it should.

Probably that is why such incidents occur again and again.