Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Life being what it is,we all dream of revenge.
Open your eyes for a second,just to roll them at me."

It is. Isn't it ? No matter how bright and illuminating the sun is, we just can't help but groan over the dark side of the moon. But down the lane, remembering the dark side of life could not mean more than a tear drop. They say it's a part and parcel of life. Be it yesterday's plane crash or the chirpy bird's nest over my chandelier or thousands of natural activities that are accelerating global warming, they'll happen for a reason. It was funny when just the other day, I and couple of my friends were talking about the Big Bang theory and how whatever is how many ever light years away! The way it evolves, connects together in an unbalanced manner, for a purpose that unintentionally celebrates that imbalance. So I guess every obstacle in our life creates an imbalance, making it the only possibility to get over it successfully! So happiness or success or any such positive moments would be impossible without these obstacles. How amazing it is! Life being what it is...  a reality to be celebrated every moment!

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mohamed said...

So philosphical. Thanks for the inspiration!