Friday, June 22, 2012

Melle Kollum - New Mix !!

Singing melle kollum was a different learning experience for me. Being a part of 22 Female Kottayam was actually unplanned. It all began with doing the tracks for Rex ettan, for the video shoot of the songs. But eventually my voice ended up in the main version, too, only because of him. And when Aashiq felt that he wanted to try out a single female voice, representing Tessa, he invited me to do the 3rd track, Neeyo, which is composed by Bijibalji.

My favourite is Melle Kollum. I guess deep down everyone is a romantic. I am one, too. For someone like me who has a two-way communication with music, I can best express my heart and mind and soul via music.  I remember Rex ettan asking if I am in love a few days before recording this song, to which I asked if it would affect how I rendered. He just smiled. Music is such. I like how I can be just another person in love, soul-singing every word, justifying romance. Melle Kollum is an out of the world song. As in, it's abstract and larger than life. I was asked to sing my portions dominantly, as at that part Tessa takes a huge step in her life by moving in with Cyril. Rex ettan wanted power in the singing, one that comes with security in love, trust in a relationship. That is why the words used for my part are vast and open and infinite, like horizon.

ulle..ullil melle... veeshum thennale
kanave.. kadale ...

I didn't know how Tessa actually must have felt.. till I got to see the video. Beautifully shot in Bangalore, Aashiq Abu took it to a different level altogether, with an enticing chemistry between Rima and Fahadh. Penned by Venugopalji, Rex ettan just did a new mix for the song.. and I would like you guys to give it a listen..

This new mix is for his satisfaction, as an independent musician. So here is melle kollum..


Vishnu Visakh S said...

I m back :) Cant forget my sweet friend's blog.. !!!!! I know its been so long since i commented or visited your blog.. But its not that difficult to find your updates now a days.. I dont actually need to visit your blog to know about your updates, you are now famous yaaaar.. :D :D :D So happy about you.. Now the songs posted by you are excellent.. Melle Kollum is simply superb... As I expected you have now grown to the next level.. (ini ippol pidichaal kittaatha heights ethumbol ee paavapettavare orkane ;)) Best of Luck and take care of your throat as I always say :)

Neha Nair said...

It feels so nice to see your comment here after ages!! Yes.. when I was new to singing field and blogging, you really motivated a great deal!! Thanks man :)

Vishnu Visakh S said...

Oww.. thats so sweet from you.. :) :) :) I will continue supporting you with no doubts :)

Anonymous said...

just love ur voice,keep gng girl