Sunday, July 22, 2012

In and out the idiot box !

Television is not only a source of visual entertainment but a means of relieving boredom. There exists the old school, which believes in reviving tradition and in remaining deep rooted followed by the new school, which is into glorifying anything and everything to gain viewership. I was surprised to see a leading actress and her fiancé face the heat in a recent interview on a leading Malayalam channel. Their romance was being publicly exposed, imposing questions on its credibility like, if the actress took the right decision by getting engaged to a married man who was seeking divorce from his first wife. There were rebellious justifications from the couple's side followed by fiery questions by the journalist. The couple shared their happy times which were juxtaposed with tears, too. I couldn't understand the big scene that was created to entice spectators. It's a fact that the couple faced this interview with courage and the demeaning process of exposing their personal space was done with their consent. But, the channel would have never come up with such a steaming concept if there weren't any spectators, right? What fun do we, as spectators, get in showing such worthless curiosity in someone's agony? I mean, coming to think of it, whether they get married or not is really not our business!! What have we come down to as viewers, and most importantly as humans?

 Are we running out of talent, or is it just a coincidence that reality shows have been shelved to weekends due to lack of viewership? I have nothing against them, just that they are a little too glittery in my otherwise lucid life. I have a feeling that spectators are taken for granted too often that we're expected to lick every bit of the dish they serve. I know it's easier to shut up and change into some channel that satisfies me in a better way. But, what is it that actually satisfies us? Watching a star couple being cross questioned over their marital decisions? Certainly not. Or maybe, yes! Then it's time to start worrying about what we have become.

Even in the recent Guwahati molestation case, though the girl's face was blurred, her stripping was evident in the video which was being replayed throughout the day. It was Times Now that took the humbling decision of not telecasting it anymore, as it made no sense. While we may never stop referring to the TV as the 'Idiot box' .. who are the actual idiots here - creative channel people who cater such insensitivity , or the viewers who buy it ?!?


Varun said...

Hi neha,

I heard about this 'show' which you are referring to when I went for lunch with my friend today. He was judging the people in question, the things they did et al.

Anything that sells hot will burn the seconds on screen. We have one fiasco after the other. The networks are happy to have endless programmes judging the actions of politicians and yet when they mention the altering monsoon patterns, they just don't feel that deserves any TRPs.

Pathetic indeed, but you gotta admit, the tv is what it is cause of what we are..

Anonymous said...

Dear Neha,

Wonderful writing and good to see that you express them freely. People are free to do anything they feel on screen now. As of reality shows which have already proved that its unavoidable now in a day to day life in a normal man's life has extended limits of patience. People are not worried when they loose money while voting, but they are when prices rise for day to day needs. They protest through all means of communication.

Reality shows presents exhibits certain unneccesary emotional outbursts like the anchor crying along with the contestants whom they might have not known for maybe 6months, judges passing firing comments and many more. Behind screen they are totally diff.

The definition of true emotions are lost these days.

Keep rock!!!


Vishnu Visakh S said...

People are more attracted to negative things rather than the positive things. They are very curious to peek through the neighbors window to know whats happening at their house not even thinking something big is happening at own house. Marketing technologies of TV Channels are purely based upon the Law of Attraction of viewers. It was a hot subject in Facebook regarding this actress and her marriage. People shared her and her fiance's picture abusing them to the maximum. And now, people are curious to know whats the real factor is.. What bothers me is something else.. To take a decision in one's life should be in their own hands. I never understood why people blamed her for selecting this guy. Why should people bother about others life? She selected her partner and she is happy, but, people here are sharing pictures of both with bad comments. Social Networks like Facebook can be used for many good things, but people use it for bad purposes. One day it was Prithiviraj who suffered this, other day Sreesanth now this Actress.

First of all, people should be blamed for making this subject so hot because people always like to share others matters rather than looking at their problems. TV Channels took it from there.

Vishnu Visakh S said...

The incident Guwahati Molestation case where media replayed the video through out the day remembers me of the movie 'Achanurangatha Veedu', where the media trying to get a glimpse of the girl who got raped. Everyone is behind the money and fame. What channels need are the ratings which could help them to pull down their competitors. What can we expect more from a generation where the 'HELP' word is replaced by 'MOBILE CAM'.

nikhimenon said...

people get what they deserve..the same malayalees who ridiculed prithviraj,sreesanth et al through social networking sites and this same actress's wedding pics deserve nothing better than this.They will relish the mayamohinis and 'John Britta's exclusive celebrity interviews' and satiate themselves.

Anonymous said...

its the same crap in all mainstream Malayalam channels , and you cant really blame them because after all that's what our serial and 'reality' show saturated audience ever wants to watch , john brittas is now looking like a joker with his pathetic celebrity shows

Abhijith George said...

you did a good job out here ....
i too have been thing the same for quite a long time ...
sadissm is growing in present day people
everyone wants to c others sad one notices if someone z happy ,but rushes to d sceen when something goes wrong

just c facebook something that happened for good ...not much comments
something bad

flooded with comments ,

world is going way too badd these days