Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Doc a day keeps all the peace away (sigh)

Listening to apni aankhon ke samundar mein by Jagjit Singh. Again my throat is a goner cos of connections between cough and my sinus 'jiya se jiya' ;) After having a dekko at the doc's I am apparently weak physically and should have heavier meals at short intervals cos I am big!! And Rice being the staple food of my nation should compulsorily be a part of my daily diet. Oh! Did I ever tell you folks?? About the story of my enmity with rice?? Rice was once upon a time was my friend which eventually became my enemy and reason for my almost-obese-situation. So forgetting all the past and giving rice one more chance is out of question for sure! But doctors keep blabbering the entire portion they mugged for the title and I must say ... this is one of the opportunities where they get to do so. And to add salt to injury I have a dad who forever can listen to them blabber and will also get convinced. Thanks to mom I am able to survive through all this :)

Actually the doctor wanted to know all the little details which lead to my sinus. After my short speech he was not able to come up with a conclusion as my lifestyle doesn't have any defects. That's when my brilliant dad came up with diet issues. And you know parents right?? They totally exaggerate and add masala and everything to make it sound as convincing as possible. Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd.......after that I was kind of day dreaming cos I totally lost track of what the doctor had say with his never ending list of advices. Anyways when I landed safe into my world of reality I was handed over few medicines and a 'good' diet plan and blah. Still on those..And I already am feeling worse :( Plus I have a shoot next week for which I better sing well... so please pray :)...and Sayonara for now...
Hey what’s with the connections releasing only in that new Nokia set?? Rahmanji.. Please show some mercy!! Do any of you know where to get a quality audio version of Jiya se jiya? Ping me!!

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