Saturday, January 24, 2009

Republic Day recording in Big 92.7 FM

Stuck with Youth Festival rehearsals which are supposed to take place in Kollam on the first week of February ,all I really want to do is sleep. And today rehearsals started at around 9 and went on around till 5. But I and Charu (ex Amrita Superstar contestant) had this small work for Big 92.7 FM. We were greeted by Namitha and I sang my favourite Luka Chuppi and Charu sang a Hariharan ghazal, Jhoom le... You can hear it on the FM on the 26th, Republic Day. We even got free tee s :) So all of you guys do try to hear it on Big 92.7 FM... suno sunao life Banao..aka Kelku Kelpikyu Life Kondadu .Ciaoooooo


madgandha said...

Nice to see your blog

Anoop G said...

no new posts ?

nitish said...

hey neha.and all neha fans hi.
i dont visit ur blog to read ur articles as u very well how is life??i really want to talk to u.please give me that chance.luk every bad guy realises his mistake one day and wants to change so please giv this once-a bad guy a chance to talk to u 2 not feel vad.its for nothing.just wanna talk.

Vishnu Visakh S said...