Thursday, March 5, 2009

S.N. College for Women, Kollam: A Tribute to Rahman

When Charu called me up last week and told me that she came up with a fantastic plan I thought she was exaggerating. But when she told me that we were suppose to perform at the S.N. College for Women, Kollam. It was a show to pay tribute to A.R.Rahman sir. What more could we ask for.. It was my first experience and the best so far. I along with Charu, Nithin, Suraj, Lata and Vinil were supposed to perform. We reached Kollam a lil late and the show started at around 11 which was scheduled for 10:30. Once we started off I was a little nervous as we didn't know how the crowd was and if anyone would turn up at all :).. All the singers were ready with their tracks and Vinil with his darbooka (Instrument used in Khalbali,etc.). We commenced the concert with Jai Ho! and O Saya !! which was awesome with Charu on the keyboard and Vinil on his darbooka. We sang a whole range of songs like Malargale, Kabhi Kabhi, Puthu Vellai, Aye Bachu. I finally got to sing my all time favourite udaya udaya with Nithin . I and Charu rocked the stage with mayya mayya. After that we had a small unplanned unplugged session. Right after mayya mayya Nithin and Suraj joined us and started of with Khalbali then it went on and on with Oh lalala, madhuraikee pogathedee, masakalli, kuchi kuchi and Dil se re....

Thanks to Arundhati aunty and S.N. College for making this big show happen :D