Monday, April 19, 2010

Sivamani - in conversation with Neha Part 1

One of my most memorable works in Rosebowl and was nervous !!! Check it out

I loved his tips and most importantly the advice to all young musicians out there : Throw your ego away ! :)


Part 2:


Vishnu Visakh S said...

Lucky Girl..!!!

Sabu said...

Very very nice !!! A rare interview..

Anonymous said...

In my world, you are instant fame!

this interview - hilarious beginning, I could see you think wtf am i supposed to do now say thaka thimi thaka with him or sing?? Once you started singing, it was a different story altogether.

Was googling you all day and listening to all your stuff. My pick for the day was Etho Varmukilin(exactly 2 tears made their way out of my eyes) wish you could did Varmukile with a full band and most importantly Rex. Anyways, thats that. wish you good luck. I can say one need not worry about your future. You are there!

Anonymous said...

And I also mention Vaarmukhile coz when you had to do an impromptu jam you picked jog... figured it might be one of your favs