Sunday, August 8, 2010

The ball's in your court!

Watched an interesting episode of 'Talking Point' on Rosebowl and the topic was 'Are we spoiling our kids with Gadgets'. The standard answer was 'No, if there is parental supervision'. I think it's all in the mind. To an extent when parents restrict their children from using the latest whatever-is-happening, it's very likely to see the kids using secret methods of satisfying their wants. I am referring to it as 'wants' as I still feel it's not a necessity. I lived 16 years of my life without gadgets and lived a happy, content life. Anyhow, most of the points raised in the debate were obvious such as video games having a negative impact such as addiction and also about women being harassed through hidden cameras, etc. Well, clearly that is the work of an evil mind. But, what about the majority?

In school I only did well in subjects I liked. In the rest, I performed quite badly. When I come to think about it now...I realize that I did well in those subjects because I liked studying them. I was never mechanical like how other students were ordered to do so by their parents. I have always heard about being in a good friends circle to enhance out personality and habits. But what matters at the end of it all is how you perceive things and how much control you have over your actions. It's easy to get intimidated but takes a while to get influenced. Again, that depends on how vulnerable you become.

When it comes to owning a cool gadget, it's quite natural to see one showing it off and treating it equivalent to the thing we are maximum possessive about, which is not wrong. As long as we know that it is only an equivalent and not a replacement we are on the safe side. If one really wants to spoil himself intentionally (i.e. after knowing it's negative after effects) then no one can stop him. Parental guidance and supervision can dominate only till the teenage period. After that, we all know, no one can control their dreams, ambitions, thoughts. So the best we can do is by letting them know the pros and cons and let them decide what their priority is. It's all in the mind people! It's your will power, determination, goals and your dreams that define you, your character and your life. So whether we have gadgets or no gadgets... what matters is our priority
Over instant excitement with long term negative results AND conscious understanding with long term positive results.


Ulrich said...

I had the same issue with school. When I was younger I would perform well in almost all subjects, but as I grew older I only really shined in the subjects I had interest in.

It all comes down to yourself in the end, what you make of things.

We do not see the world as it is but we see the world as we are.

V I K said...

Am gonna be an engineer in one year. Am a guy, a gamer who had taken gaming professionally. So, if you ask me, gadgets MAKE MY LIFE!

Even now, when I think of what to become in the future, I want to obviously become a CEO, but why? To have enough money to get all the lovely gadgets so I can play my favorite games :) :)

As a kid, gadgets were my love. I used to sit hours slogging on Galaxian or Contra to improve score :P .. So, its all with perception. You can't call a hidden camera a gadget. It's just the understanding of what is legal and what isnt that's required.

To some, gadgets are as important as music is to you.