Monday, August 16, 2010

The other side of the coin

So many great men say great quotes and some do it very sarcastically ! All saved and thought for Independence day. Some went above my head and there were few others that made me think . One such a line was from Mr. Pritish Nandy who tweeted 'Innocent people are always the victims, irrespective of their faith, caste, status, gender.' I am the common man and hence giving my perception .

Every one conveniently calls the common man 'innocent'. Well, the real question is :
Is the man innocent cos he's deceived by policy makers who are chosen by him? OR
Is the man innocent because he is the victim due to divisions such as caste, religion .. that were made by the man himself !

Either ways ... both the routes that backfired on the man (which gave him the label of being an innocent) were chosen by him.

So now, who is actually the innocent one ?

1) The policy makers who knowingly fall prey to the votes of the 'innocent' man who cannot even make the right decision on who to trust and vote?

2) The terrorists who despite causing so much of negative impact were unsuccessful in instigating any peaceful measures yet!


Vishnu Visakh S said...

actually... i dint get u

Anonymous said...

Majboori ka naam mahatma gandhi. A common man has no time to think and judge about politics and politicians, he just lives in hope that somebody will come something good will happen. he just does that in majoboori and the politicians happily make use of it. So whatever policy a politician makes..a common man has to believe in it nd vote coz he has no other choice..hope I made some sense

Neha Sasikumar said...

Yes, I agree that we all are choice-less. It's just that this blame game should get over !