Sunday, August 23, 2009

Muthoot Scion Paul George Murdered

These are one of those times where I really regret not taking up Malayalam as my second language. I was travelling by the Shatabdi which is an extremely good train but I shall comment on it later. I read in bits and pieces about the murder and with whatever I read I am shocked. To the core. It's just not explainable why a bunch of people would do that in business rivalry. Whoever maybe the wrong one revenge in this form is absolutely disgusting. In fact I always believe that God is there watching high above to take revenge with each one's enemy then why should we increase our burden by taking up his job? It freaks me to have to believe to the fact that our security is a big '?' ... till when ? God knows for what reason is someone going to murder me in the future. They don't even need a reason. I just hope that the law comes up with a good verdict in this case cos I don't know I am feeling really bad about this case. Young ,happy lad having some fun driving and booom.. he's dead!


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