Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Sach Ka Samna"

The hype created about this show is just way too less than I had expected it to be. This whole debate on whether India is prepared for it or not is absolutely baseless. TV being the largest medium for publicity, there are umpteen shows today be it reality or fiction... you can just simply switch the channel if you find any particular programme obscene. There are very few people left in this kalyug who want to free themselves off the burden of their sins.. if not all atleast the lies. One should appreciate and someone rightly said that politicians should definitely take up the hot seat. I really salute all those contestants who really have the guts to take up the hot seat and reveal some of the most deadly secrets of their life. And the best part of the show is it is voluntary decision of the participant which actually illuminates the purpose of the concept. Cos it shows the confidence in him/her. HT was discussing about this at centre stage and there was this big guy who was bragging about how unprepared India is to face this. But the best part of the whole debate was when Rajeev Khandelwal asked the big guy about teaching our children to lie instead of facing the truth to which the guy gave an absolutely vague answer. Funnily, the people who have big mouths to say the worst are the ones who end up not missing a single episode...People should learn to accept the good things of our society and should also digest the fact that it's a heap of truth and not a heap of crap. For those who give it a thumbs down .. please make the effort of extending your hands to this gadget known as the remote which is magically the mode through which one can exercise 'ignorance is bliss'.


V I K said...

haha. I cannot help but agree , whole heartedly. :)

Kunal Janu said...

The show hasn't lived up to the hype.. specially to me who has seen the american version called the Moment Of Truth, If you haven't I'd suggest you google for it and watch one episode.
The show, sadly is being broadcasted in the night at around midnight for public discretion. Almost every single question asked in each episode is being discussed in news! We thought we were a democratic country.

Kunal Janu