Saturday, April 5, 2008


I was boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed , not to death though!I really wish I could tell Hyung-Rae Shim, the director that I don't Chinese, not yet. The movie beginned with some footage of some biiig scaly thing. Then starts the flashback about ..once upon a time there lived a...and then they speak Chinese all the time!! Happily yapping away in Chinese, I and my sister and nephew were flustered for a while and exchanged sympathy looks at each other. Then we couldn't help but laugh at the way they sound. Pretty cute I must say. They sound as chinky as they are :) Coming back to the movie, the story line has nothing much to offer. It's as though they made a story just to make it an 1 1/2 hour movie. The magnimous snake and other animals are picturesque. But the fight between the evil snake and the good dragon has nothing much to offer apart from a lot of dracula bites. At the end ,my sister (four years elder to me) was insisting on an explanation on why and how the good dragon had re-incarnated. Now this 'good' and 'evil' thing sounds pretty toddler types *giggle* but I felt this is the most precise way of explaining something that is good and evil :D .. Now coming back to explaining my sister's query , I had to make up everything from a dragon's duty to cupid-fying two lovers and wotnot. Ok... I think this is getting way to lame... about the movie , it's all about Dragon war.

My aunt was totally flummoxed when she heard D-war of being an English movie cos she had heard it as Deewar..some Dharmendra movie she keeps bragging about.

P.S. The person who had done those fingerpaintings is an Italian artist, Guido Daniele.Thanks to Rowdy for the information.


MM said...

I might have watched this one! Oops! Good that I came over and read ur post!

Happy weekend to ya!

strollinthunder said...

amazing post ;)

ok we got it,so if u r terribly bored u watch movies like this.

I don't like Chinese food and politics...they aren't spicy(no salt, sometimes taste sweet too....) and they always bully India.

Neha Nair said...

Jinu: Thanks! I didn't watch this movie cos I was bored...I meant I was bored AFTER watching the movie.

I luv Chinese be precise ,Indian-chinese food.. with masala and spice and sweet at times. I am not fond of original Chinese Singapore I had to have typical chinese noodles, which according to them was a full cooked meal.. and I ,at the first attempt thought it was raw flour! Managed to gobble it ,thanks to ketchup :D