Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cows bark MOO!

Being in different places, all of us-friends, keep in touch through www. I happened to chat with one of my closest friends and as usual we kept recollecting those 'ol good days :) That's when she brought up the once upon a time joke her li'l brother had cracked . Well from his mouth it wasn't a joke , but a fact he thought had existed. Here's it goes: when my friend and her family had gone to Bombay (not used to Mumbai as yet)..uncle likes taking a break from the carworld and prefers travelling by other cheaper means of transport. In one such a situation they happened to travel in an auto. As they passed the messy streets of Bombay ,the cows and sheeps are some of the regular visitors they come across. On a regular site-seeing day my friend spotted a white cow with black spots , she immediately pointed it out to her brother as cows was something we seldom saw in Oman. And as she was about to explain about how we get to have yummy curds and cold milk ,he blurted out 'Look, a dalmatian cow!!!'

Until next post , MOO!


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HA HA HA... :)

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