Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Vishu!

Everytime I used to come to India during my summer vacations.. i.e. around June-August, by the end of the hols I used to be gloomy about getting back to school and the usual stuff. And to add salt to injury , my cousins kept bragging about the good time they have celebrating Vishu. And that used to get me J to some extent cos for us Vishu in Oman was just seeing the kani and getting the vishu kaineetam and ofcourse the sadya -typical food served on the banana leaf.It's usually held on a low-key affair basis. As crackers are banned in the desert , even thinking of them is like commiting a sin. So when my cousins spoke about how they burst crackers and blah blah I kept envying them. And finally as I am in India this time , I was waiting to celebrate the festival. Having done all the preparations on the eve I also asked my uncle to get some crackers.. after all first time right!!

In the morning mom, as per tradition, woke me up to view the beautiful kani she had decorated and soon after that my favourite part - kaineetam. Had one of the best sadyas of my life . Now , just waiting for my relatives to come home today for more kaineetam.. I'm lovin' it !



Vishnu Visakh S said...


howzz ur collection...:)

Neha Sasikumar said...

not that bad :) .. but if dad was here then I would certainly not require the ATM