Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Help required!

Having bought a new laptop (HP Pavilion) I am totally confused about what connection I should choose for accesing net.At present I am using Hutch.But the GPRS rates of Hutch are pretty expensive as they charge for browsing and downloading.Nor is the speed that great.I even checked up with Broadband connections.That apparently will take some time to get connected in my area.So I am left with only two options : Airtel or BSNL.Again, I did hear rumors about the former charging for downloads and the latter charging for browsing.I am in a total fix. So please suggest me on what kind of connection is to be chosen. I'll be requiring it mainly for downloads and uploads.I will also be requiring it when on roaming .Please advice. The rates should be reasonable and should also compliment good speed.If there are alternate options , please recommend.


drashkum said...

depending on the download speed/ and requirement both airtel and bsnl have got plans. best one is unlimited download at 256kbps for 900/month. but these are broadband fixed lines. u cannot take it out on roaming. if u wanna have internet on roaming then data cardsof tata indicom and reliance is best option. but speed sucks

Neha Nair said...

I am too interested on data cards of indicom and reliance..cos for me reasonable speed is required. even if airtel or bsnl plans charge fr either downloads or browsing..it's pretty manageable cos the speed , i heard is good.

Neha Nair said...

Dilemma solved. Have taken up Airtel connections. Good speed , affordable, good network , good service.Drashkum, thanks once again.