Sunday, February 3, 2008

Identify the true stars

The recent declaration of the awards have created a lot of hype about not giving a Bharat Ratna to any 'deserving' person. I am not clear about what are the qualities required to receive that one. And I still feel there are a lot of people who haven't been ackowledged as yet. And c'mon awards are not everything.Infact people who don't receive an award still inspire us and have made history. I'll keep this post succinct and let the carigature do the talking.

Keshav:Persons without a Bharat Ratna or a Nobel still inspire us.

Source: The Hindu Times


PurpleHeart said...

The world is political !

Neha Nair said...

whatever, they still do inspire us.

J E E V Y said...

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Neha Nair said...

oops...too messy..I'll try though :)

Paras said...

Awards or lack of those really do not define a person or ability. And many a times those are politically driven or are personal photo ops or chance to pay back for others. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe in the written word as the truth or the trophy as the sign of achievement and accomplishment

MM said...

This post is right on spot!
Great going, Neha!!

Neha Nair said...

Paras: Your right. At the Gandhi period we really didn't have awards and recognitions in the form of cash, certificates or metal. It was acknowledged from the heart.

strollinthunder said...

Also would like to add that...

some people are not acknowledged due to some stupid rules like no "posthumous nominations"

Nobel prize ...arguably the greatest prize on the planet forbids Posthumous nominations.

One true genius who missed acknowledge met because of this is Rosalind Franklin, whose splendid works on DNA structure is virtually unknown to world, at the same time her colleagues James Watson and Francis Crick are Legendary figures.....juz because they manged to stay alive a lil longer!!